Dawson offers to all of its families a centralized stop program enhanced bus program that is convenient and the flat fee structure, affordable.  We believe that this program is both time and cost effective for more parents, more students, and the school.  

Centralized Stop Program Benefits

Low Fees: Fees are close to the cost of the gas it would take to drive.
Increased Ridership:  More students on the bus makes it more fun for everyone.
Environmental Impact:  Each student who switches from riding in a car to taking the bus saves 5,000 lbs of CO2 a year.
Increased Safety:  National research demonstrates that with enhanced visibility and collision safety features, riding the bus is almost 100 times safer than riding in a car.
Increased Time for Parents:  Frees up hundreds of hours for parents over the course of the year! 


2014-15 Close2Dawson Rates

Think you live too close to Dawson to take advantage of the GreenRide?  New for next year; a special offering for families for Close2Dawson stop locations. 

Flat Rate:  $770
Additional Sibling Discount (30%): $539 each 


Please contact Dawson’s GreenRide Supervisor, Mike Arato 303-665-6679 ext. 439.

Route Information

Dawson does not publicize its routes or stop schedules online. Please contact Dawson’s GreenRide Supervisor, Mike Arato 303-665-6679 ext. 439.

Rules/Regulations and Contracts

Visit the Forms and Documents page of the website and scroll to Transportation.