Character Development

At Dawson we have four virtues, or core values, that are designed to guide our work together.  They are respect, compassion, courage, and integrity.  We believe that each of these character traits, reflected in the curriculum in each division, can and should be practiced on a daily basis. 


Respect is the sense of the worth of a person, a personal quality, or ability.  At Dawson, respect is critical to all that we do together as a learning community.  We show respect for ourselves and for the community by doing our best at all times, by working together to support one another, by honoring the rules, and by representing the school in a positive way. 


Compassion means understanding the struggles of others and wanting to do something about it.  At Dawson these struggles might include anything that limits one’s ability to do his or her best.  We need to recognize when someone might need our help and do what we can do to make the situation better. 


Courage is the quality of mind that enables an individual to face difficulty while overcoming fear. Courage means trying new things, working outside of one’s comfort zone, and seeking opportunities to lead and show school spirit. 


Integrity means doing the right thing, being honest, being accountable, and being ethical.  It also means saying what we will do and doing what we say we will do.  In doing so, we are faithful to our families, our friends, our school, and ourselves.