Global Study

It used to be that traditional college preparatory schools prepared their students for college. With the prediction that 60 percent of students will someday live and/or work abroad, Dawson now prepares them for the world that they will inherit as adults.

Infused with the global perspectives curriculum gained through both independent and collaborative work, Dawson graduates have more choices open to them through these opportunities.

As early as kindergarten, students are heavily immersed in studying the world’s people and their cultures. First and second graders study a variety of countries, both independently and in a classroom setting. Third and fourth grade students learn about Ancient Mediterranean history and the Middle Ages, respectively, with both units culminating in cultural banquets that require students to transform themselves into the very people they have been studying. Winterim weeks often revolve around world cultures, and past experiences have involved “traveling” to Africa and Japan, among other countries. 

Middle school students work collaboratively and often Skype with students from a number of countries. Beginning in seventh grade, students are offered the opportunity to travel internationally on school-led trips. Once in eighth grade, students are able to participate in Dawson Global Adventures, an international summer travel program. Every other summer middle school science teacher Bill Meyers leads a malaria eradication trip to Africa.

Collaboration and independent work in everyday classes are consciously balanced, and international travel continues in Upper School through world language immersion opportunities in Spain, France and China, Winterim, Dawson Global Adventures, and the Wolf Global Scholars program.  The understanding of how different people work, believe, and approach their daily lives is broadened through these rewarding and numerous experiences.