This spectacular trip begins with a soak in the otherworldly geothermal hot springs at the famous Blue Lagoon. You will then spend three days exploring the colorful and vibrant capital of Reykjavik. The heart of our journey will be the exploration of Iceland’s awesome landscapes, from glaciers to volcanoes to rift valleys to black-sand beaches. During the trip, you will hike past steaming vents, walk on a glacier, ride horses, look for whales, visit massive waterfalls, and snorkel in a crystal-clear fissure between continental plates. You will sleep in a combination of youth hostels, guesthouses, and tents. By the end of the trip, you will understand why Iceland is perhaps the best place in the world to learn about geology.


Dates: June 25–July 9, 2013
Ages: Current 8th–12th graders
Group size: 14 maximum
Cost: $4,200 + estimated $1,000 airfare