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May 19, 2015

Be Mindful of the Small Moments

Hello Everyone,

We are in a bit of a frenzied state these days as we make a mad dash for the finish line.  We have lots of fun activities for the days ahead, and we will soon be sending our eighth graders on their way.

As I begin to ruminate on what I will say to the Class of 2019 as they sit in front of me in only a few days, I am flooded with memories of the last four years.  I’ve been sifting through old photographs and am amazed at how much these students have grown in the time I’ve known them.   I remember heading up to Rocky Mountain National Park with them on their second day as fifth graders at Dawson.  And while in some ways that seems like only a few days ago, the transformations these students have undergone is extraordinary.

Thinking about this reminds me why I love my job.  To be with these students each day, it’s easy to forget how quickly they are changing.  Even when we look back at photos from the start of the year, we see big changes.  And I am reminded once again of the importance of cherishing the small moments with these kids.

Each summer, our faculty has some summer reading.  Sometimes this is done by division, sometimes by department; sometimes we suggest categories, and teachers can choose anything that fits.  This year, though, we are all reading the same book: The Way of Mindful Education: Cultivating Well-Being in Teachers and Students, by Daniel Rechtschaffen.  Mindfulness is a bit of a buzzword in education these days, and rightfully so.  Multiple studies have demonstrated the myriad benefits of a mindfulness practice: improved well-being, stronger academics, and all-around greater happiness.

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