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August 04, 2014

Top 12 Things You Need to Know For College

The Top 12 Things You Need to Know When Going Off to College

By Stacy Hernandez, Director of College Counseling at Alexander Dawson School


To High School Graduates of the Class of 2014…

Going off to college is both scary and exciting. It is an incredible opportunity to gain more self-awareness, see the world in a new way, and start to make sense of your future. As I have told many high schoolers, college can be a time to reinvent yourself: You get to start over and put your best foot forward.  But that first semester can be a whirlwind of emotions, social opportunities, and academic adjustments: Many students fall into the traps of not managing their time well, struggling to keep up in class — even having too much fun! But you can find ways to avoid the first semester blues. Here are some important tips to help you have an easier and healthier adjustment to college:

  • Find healthy friendships. Being around people that respect you and represent the same drive and values you have will make all the difference in college. Your parents are right when they say that you will meet some of the best friends of your life in college. Having positive friends in your life will make your college experience so much more rewarding and fun.
  • Being homesick is natural. Homesickness may hit you when you least expect it. It may be when you say goodbye to your parents after move-in, or when you are in the thick of studying for midterms. When it happens, reach out to your close... » read more

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