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April 03, 2014

Wolf Scholarship Winners

Each year, the Wolf family solicits applications from Dawson students for two different scholarship opportunities.  The award ($4,000 for each scholarship) is “designed to inspire students to pursue their intellectual passions, engender an eagerness to seek out learning opportunities beyond campus, and to prepare students for the future.  Dawson alums Stevie (‘09) and DC (‘06) Wolf serve on the selection committee and participate in Skype interviews with semifinalists.  Both graduated from Tufts University after their time at Dawson.  DC is now completing his third year at UCLA Law School and will shortly begin his legal career at a firm in Seattle, WA.  Stevie is currently writing and recording music in LA.

The Wolf Global Scholarship is awarded to a student who wishes to acquire a global perspective through a summer travel / study opportunity.   Gaby Greenfield’s proposal was chosen this year out of a field of strong applications.  Gaby plans to spend 28 days in Argentina, where she will be immersed in the local community, taking high level language classes and serving as a volunteer in a local hospital.

This year’s Wolf Domestic Scholarship recipient is Nicole Towner.  In the spirit of the award, given to students interested in education in their local community, Nicole plans to work with the High Plains Library District to create children’s programs that will promote early childhood literacy. 

Congratulations to both Gaby and Nicole along with all the other students who submitted far-reaching and interesting proposals.  As always, our thanks to Tim, Mary, DC, and Stevie Wolf for their vision and continued willingness to support students pursuing their dreams.

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February 24, 2014

Real-world Applications for Learning

Good teachers know that the best learning happens when students can see a practical application for the content they are studying.  At Dawson, teachers work very hard to capitalize on those times when subject specific content and knowledge can be applied to real-world problem solving. ... » read more
January 27, 2014

FCD Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program

Kari Yuen, a prevention specialist from Freedom from Chemical Dependency (FCD), visited with upper school students during the week of January 24.  In the time that she was here, she met daily with groups of sophomores to walk them through FCD’s four-day intensive curriculum.  One focus of... » read more
November 21, 2013

Read with your Children

This semester I have been teaching an African-American Literature course as part of our junior/senior elective program.  The class has been a place where eighteen students and I can grapple with the difficult issues of race, and identity.  As a way to include parents in some of the... » read more
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