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March 30, 2015

Dawson Student Explorers

“Dawson will be a school of student explorers who experience deep and practical learning that inspires them to bring their best to the world.” This aspiration begins the Educational Program section of the Dawson Strategic Plan and yes, this is a lofty goal - and yet talented Dawson students make this a reality almost every day.  Fourteen students elected to study abroad and live with a host family in France and Spain this spring as part of the five-week immersion program – and will, in turn, host students from those countries starting this week.  The rest of the Upper School recently returned from weeklong Winterim trips that had them exploring the biological wonders of The Galapagos Islands, the history and culture of London, our own nation’s struggle for racial equality, and poverty and hunger here at home.  Each of these programs encourages students to leave their comfort zone, and to immerse themselves in a different culture and/or an issue or problem that needs a solution.

Another program that Dawson students have the exclusive privilege to pursue is the Wolf Scholarship.  Created by the Wolf family, these $4,000 scholarships allow students to pursue their intellectual passions beyond campus, both inside and outside the United States. Pursuing the Global Scholarship, semifinalists included a young man who wanted to learn more about his family history and the events of the Armenian Genocide, and a young woman who wants to take her passion for music to create a music program for children with cancer in Uganda.  The two Global Scholarship winners proposed medical and educational internships in Tanzania and Ghana. On the domestic front, students submitted proposals dealing with early childhood... » read more

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December 03, 2014

How Do We Best Assess Learning?

This has been an exciting fall at Dawson as we work on the implementation of our forward-thinking Strategic Plan. Dawson strives always to be “a school of student explorers who experience deep and practical learning that inspires them to bring their best to the world,” so then our focus must be on... » read more
September 18, 2014

Stretching to Make the 'Impossible' Possible

Hearing our Upper School students discussing their summer reading recently, I was reminded that one doesn’t always need to search for life’s lessons in the works of Dickens, Whitman, or Bronte: The same lessons can be learned in more modern literature like Divergent, The Hunger Games, and even... » read more
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