Staff Directory

Denise Alt's picture

Denise Alt

303-665-6679 Ext. 422
B.S. University of Phoenix
Year Started: 2008

Sarah Amirani's picture

Sarah Amirani

Director, Marketing/Communications
303-665-6679 Ext, 472

Year Started: 2014

Craig Angus's picture

Craig Angus

Upper School History Teacher/History Department Chair
303-665-6679 Ext. 445
B.S. University of WyomingM.A. University of Denver

Mike Arato's picture

Mike Arato

Transportation Supervisor
303-665-6679 Ext. 439

Year Started: 2010

Haydee Ayi-Bonte's picture

Haydee Ayi-Bonte

Science Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext. 523
B.A. Guilford CollegeM.S. North Carolina State
Year Started: 2011

Kelly Bailey's picture

Kelly Bailey

Middle School Math

B.S. Metropolitan State College of DenverM.A.T. Spalding University
Year Started: 2014

Jody Baldwin's picture

Jody Baldwin

Athletic Trainer
303-665-6679 Ext. 464
A.S. SUNY AlfredB.S. SUNY Cortland
Year Started: 2006

Melissa Barker's picture

Melissa Barker

US Science Teacher, Director of Experiential Education
303-665-6679 ext. 447
B.A. Middlebury CollegeM.A. University of Northern Colorado

Christine Bell's picture

Christine Bell

Lower School Arts Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext. 642
B.FA University of TexasM.A. University of Phoenix
Year Started: 2012

Jeannette Bell's picture

Jeannette Bell

Sixth Grade Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext.430
B.A. Adams State College

Vicki Bliss's picture

Vicki Bliss

Assistant to the Head of School
303-665-6679 Ext. 402
A.A. Westbrook College
Year Started: 1992

Janeen Bogue's picture

Janeen Bogue

Assistant Teacher, Kindergarten-1st Grade
303-665-6679 x664
B.S. Colorado School of Mines
Year Started: 2014

Katie Boyle's picture

Katie Boyle

Lower School P.E. Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext.462
B.A. University of Missouri
Year Started: 2012

Kari Bridgeland's picture

Kari Bridgeland

Upper School Math Teacher

B.A. University of VirginiaM.A. DePaul University
Year Started: 2014

Kathy Butler's picture

Kathy Butler

Minnesota School of Business

Matt Carter's picture

Matt Carter

Upper School Mandarin Teacher, Middle School Global Studies Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext. 449
B.A. University of Colorado M.A. University of Colorado Ph.D. University of Washington
Year Started: 2011

Courtney Centeno

Upper School English
303-665-6679 x426
B.A. Mount Holyoke CollegeM.A.T. Smith College
Year Started: 2014

Bryna Cunningham's picture

Bryna Cunningham

Lower School/Middle School Counselor
303-665-6679 ext. 499
B.S.University of MarylandM.S.W National Catholic School of Social Service
Year Started: 2007

Joe Cutter's picture

Joe Cutter

Fifth Grade Teacher

B.A. Swarthmore CollegeM.S. Johns Hopkins University
Year Started: 2014

Kris Deardorff's picture

Kris Deardorff

US Science Teacher, Associate Academic Dean
303-665-6679 Ext 437
B.S. Bucknell UniversityM.Ed Penn State University
Year Started: 2001

Donna Deininger's picture

Donna Deininger

Lower School Choral Music Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 639
B.A. Ithaca College

Kieffer Denning's picture

Kieffer Denning

Director of Theater
303-665-6679 Ext 493
B.A. University of Washington

Peter Devlin's picture

Peter Devlin

Associate Athletic Director
303-665-6679 ext. 525
B.S. University of Colorado at BoulderM.Ed. Colorado State University

Elizabeth Drozda-Freeman's picture

Elizabeth Drozda-Freeman

US Science

M.E.M Duke UniversityB.A. University of California Santa Cruz
Year Started: 2013

Lindsay Eddy's picture

Lindsay Eddy

Associate Director of Development

B.A. Lehigh
Year Started: 2014

Bruce Eide's picture

Bruce Eide

Sustainability/HVAC Specialist

Year Started: 2008

Jeff Ellenbogen's picture

Jeff Ellenbogen

Director of Information Technology, Middle School Math Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 424
B.A. Brown UniversityM.A. Columbia University Teachers College
Year Started: 2001

Mary Fisher's picture

Mary Fisher

K-12 Learning Specialist
303-665-6679 Ext 658
B.A. University of MissouriM.Ed. DePaulGarrett Theological Seminary

Lisa Ha-Ngoc's picture

Lisa Ha-Ngoc

Middle/Upper School Spanish Teacher, World Languages Department Chair
303-665-6679 Ext 460
B.A. Dartmouth CollegeM.A. Middlebury College

Kim Haines's picture

Kim Haines

Fourth Grade Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 640
B.S. SUNY GeneseoM.A. University of Denver
Year Started: 2009

Karen Hand's picture

Karen Hand

Middle School English Teacher

B.A. Rutgers
Year Started: 2014

Brian Hannen's picture

Brian Hannen

Upper School Math Teacher, Math Department Chair
303-665-6679 Ext 452
B.S. University of Pittsburgh
Year Started: 2000

Greg Hansen's picture

Greg Hansen

Middle School History Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 425
B.A. Colorado College

Sarena Hebebrand's picture

Sarena Hebebrand (2005)

Middle School Arts Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 654
B.FA Colorado State University
Year Started: 2012

Anne Hecox's picture

Anne Hecox

Academic Dean
303-665-6679 Ext 453
B.A. Wellesley CollegePhD Washington University
Year Started: 2001

Stephanie Hempen's picture

Stephanie Hempen

Middle School P.E. Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 424
B.S. University of Colorado
Year Started: 2012

Stacy Hernandez's picture

Stacy Hernandez

Director of College Counseling
303-665-6679 Ext 408
B.A. Northeastern UniversityM.A. Northeastern University

Jean-Claude Hounou's picture

Jean-Claude Hounou

Upper School French Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 517
B.A. Benin UniversityB.A. Metropolitan State College
Year Started: 2009

Mike Jacobsma's picture

Mike Jacobsma

Athletic Director
303-665-6679 Ext 420
B.S. Wayne StateM.S. Wayne State
Year Started: 2013

Debbie Jenkins's picture

Debbie Jenkins

First Grade Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 632
B.S. New Mexico State UniversityM.S. University of Utah
Year Started: 1998

Faye Johnson's picture

Faye Johnson

Third Grade Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 634
B.S. University of IllinoisM.Ed Lesley University
Year Started: 1999

Karen Johnson's picture

Karen Johnson

Middle School Teacher Candidate
303-665-6679 x479

Year Started: 2014

John Kilgour's picture

John Kilgour

Upper School History & Economics Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 443
B.A. Colby CollegeM.A. University of Montana
Year Started: 2012

Cindy Stahoviak's picture

Cindy Knight

Middle School/Upper School Librarian
303-665-6679 Ext 455
B.A. Louisiana CollegeM.L.I.S University of North Carolina-Greensboro
Year Started: 2006

Denise LaRusch's picture

Denise LaRusch

Admissions Associate
303-665-6679 Ext 404
B.S. SUNY BuffaloM.Ed. SUNY Buffalo
Year Started: 2004

Rob Levy's picture

Rob Levy

Middle School/Upper School Woodworking Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 406
A.A. Buck’s County Community CollegeB.A. UMass Dartmouth

Arnold Lewis's picture

Arnold Lewis

Dean of Students
303-665-6679 x428
B.A. Middlebury CollegeM.A. University of Colorado

Christine Lipson's picture

Christine Lipson

Human Resources Manager, Director of Operations
303-665-6679 Ext 413
B.S. Miami UniversityMBA University of Colorado

Cinnamon Lopez's picture

Cinnamon Lopez

Middle School English Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 443
B.A. Bryn Mawr CollegeM.A. University of Virginia
Year Started: 2006

Jose Lopez's picture

Jose Lopez

Upper School Spanish Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 516
B.A. Middlebury CollegeM.A. Middlebury College
Year Started: 2004

Brenda Lord's picture

Brenda Lord

Fifth Grade Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 410
B.S. Butler UniversityM.Ed Regis University

Nate Lord

Upper School English Teacher, Head Canoe/Kayak Coach
303-665-6679 ext. 441
B.A. Colgate UniversityM.A. SUNY BinghamtonM.A.T. SUNY Binghamton

Christal McDougall's picture

Christal McDougall

Sixth Grade Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 668
B.A. University of ColoradoM.A. University of Colorado
Year Started: 2007

Kristen Medler's picture

Kristen Medler

Fourth Grade Teacher

B.S. Worcester State UniversityEd.M. Harvard University
Year Started: 2014

David Meissner's picture

David Meissner

Middle/Upper School Spanish/Director of International Programs
303-665-6679 Ext 643
B.A. University of VirginiaM.A. New York University
Year Started: 2009

Bill Meyers's picture

Bill Meyers

Middle School Science Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 429
B.S. Illinois State University

Lisa Michael's picture

Lisa Michael

Director, Dawson Summer Initiative
B.A. Wesleyan UniversityEd.M Harvard Graduate School of Education
Year Started: 2010

Susan Miller's picture

Susan Miller

Director of Development
303-665-6679 Ext 467
B.S. University of MissouriMBA St Louis University

Kyle Miner's picture

Kyle Miner

Upper School Math Teacher

B.S. James Madison UniversityM.A.T. James Madison University
Year Started: 2014

Jessica Mitchell's picture

Jessica Mitchell

US History Teacher

M.Ed Augusta State UniversityB.A. Davidson College
Year Started: 2013

Heather Mock's picture

Heather Mock

Middle School Director
303-665-6679 Ext 497
B.A. Princeton UniversityM.Ed Columbia Teachers College
Year Started: 2011

Lisa Mohan's picture

Lisa Mohan

Payroll/Student Billing
303-665-6679 Ext 414

George P. Moore's picture

George P. Moore

Head of School
B.A. Pomona CollegeEd.M Harvard University
Year Started: 2007

Jason Mundy's picture

Jason Mundy

Upper School Director, Diversity Coordinator
303-665-6679 Ext 421
B.A. Duke UniversityMALS Wesleyan University
Year Started: 2012

Tom Nangle's picture

Tom Nangle

303-665-6679 Ext 480
B.A. Ohio State UniversityB.A. University of Colorado
Year Started: 1995

Erik Nickerson's picture

Erik Nickerson

Upper School Math Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 667
B.A. St. John’s CollegeM.S. Montana State University
Year Started: 2012

Carol Nowak's picture

Carol Nowak

Second Grade Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 524
B.A. University of Colorado at BoulderTeaching License Ft. Lewis College
Year Started: 2000

Pat O'Rourke's picture

Pat O'Rourke

Senior Systems Engineer
303-665-6679 Ext 411

Barb Ogg's picture

Barb Ogg

GL/AP Accountant
303-665-6679 Ext 465
B.A. Drury UniversityMBA DePaul University
Year Started: 2010

Dwight Ovelman's picture

Dwight Ovelman

7-12 Visual Arts Teacher, Arts Department Chair, Director of the Arts Center
303-665-6679 Ext 450
A.A. Williamsport Community CollegeB.FA Tyler School of Art, Temple University
Year Started: 1998

Ashley Patchen's picture

Ashley Patchen

US Math Teacher

B.A. Nazareth College of RochesterM.A, University of Colorado at Boulder
Year Started: 2013

Barbara Payne's picture

Barbara Payne

Upper School Assistant
303-665-6679 Ext 409

Year Started: 2012

Jim Piccolini's picture

Jim Piccolini

7-12 Tech Integration Specialist

B.A. Connecticut CollegeM.A. Columbia University
Year Started: 2014

Scott Raedeke's picture

Scott Raedeke

K-6 Technology Integration Specialist

B.A. Pacific Lutheran UniversityM.A.T. Southern Oregon University
Year Started: 2014

Ying Ying Lin Reed's picture

Ying Ying Lin Reed

MS/US Mandarin

B.A. Tunghai UniversityM.S. University of Kansas
Year Started: 2014

Megan Rogers's picture

Megan Rogers

Middle School Teacher Candidate

B.A. Millikin University
Year Started: 2014

Sara Sanderson's picture

Sara Sanderson

MS Art Teacher

B.F.A. University of Colorado, BoulderM.F.A. Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Year Started: 2014

Mark Saunders's picture

Mark Saunders

Director of Admissions / Financial Aid
303-665-6679 Ext 403
B.A. Bowdoin CollegeM.Ed. University of Pennsylvania

Kelly Scarano's picture

Kelly Scarano

Accounts Payable Associate

B.S. University of Colorado at Boulder
Year Started: 2014

RuthAnne Schedler's picture

Ruthanne Schedler

Sixth Grade Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 622
B.A. Vanderbilt UniversityMBA Indiana UniversityM.A. National-Louis University
Year Started: 2009

Scott Schneider's picture

Scott Schneider

Associate Director of Admissions
303-665-6679 Ext 519
B.A. Colorado State University
Year Started: 2004

Chris Shuhmann's picture

Chris Schuhmann

Middle School French Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 518
B.A. University of KentuckyM.A. University of Colorado
Year Started: 2009

Gloria Sell's picture

Gloria Sell

Middle School Assistant
303-665-6679 Ext 423

Year Started: 2004

Sean Sissel

Computer Systems Technician

Year Started: 2014

David Slater's picture

David Slater

Associate Director of College Counseling/US English Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 442
B.A. Wayne State UniversityM.A. University of MinnesotaPh.D. University of Minnesota
Year Started: 2012

Holly Smith's picture

Holly Smith

Upper School Counselor
303-665-6679 Ext 461

Year Started: 2009

Jeri Smith's picture

Jeri Smith

Lower School Administrative Assistant
303-665-6679 Ext. 629

Year Started: 1996

Dale Swirhun's picture

Dale Swirhun

Kindergarten Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 635
B.A. Scripps CollegeM.A. University of Colorado
Year Started: 2012

Soledad Taylor's picture

Soledad Taylor

Lower School Spanish Teacher

B.A. Instituto Superior de Ensenanza en Lenguas Vivas Juan Ramon FernandezB.A. Instituto Mariano Moreno
Year Started: 2014

Tommy Tibbitts's picture

Tommy Tibbitts

Lower School Director
303-665-6679 Ext 630
B.S. Oklahoma State UniversityM.Ed Oklahoma State University
Year Started: 2002

Amy Troy's picture

Amy Troy

K-5 Media Specialist, Director of Diversity and inclusion
303-665-6679 Ext 633
A.A. Tidewater Community CollegeB.A. Old Dominion UniversityM.LS Appalachian State University

Dodie Udall's picture

Dodie Udall

Development Assistant
303-665-6679 Ext 490

Year Started: 2004

Gia Upchurch's picture

Gia Upchurch

Middle School Spanish Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 612
B.A. Bowdoin College
Year Started: 2012

Anna Vinson's picture

Anna Vinson

Teaching Assistant (2nd/3rd grade)

B.A. Montana State University
Year Started: 2014

Rebecca Weeks's picture

Rebecca Weeks

Upper School English Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext 435
BA University of ColoradoMA University of IndianaPh.D. University of Indiana
Year Started: 1999

Amy White's picture

Amy White

Middle School/Upper School Choral Teacher

B.M. University of Denver
Year Started: 2014

Matt White's picture

Matt White

MS/US Band Teacher

B.M. University of Denver
Year Started: 2013

Diane Yelvington's picture

Diane Yelvington

LS Assistant Teacher
303-665-6679 Ext. ; ASA cell (3:00-6:00 p.m.) 303-710-7166
B.A. University of Colorado at Boulder
Year Started: 2013