LS Day at Dawson

  • 7:40 AM


    Students arrive by foot, bike, car, and bus and are greeted at the front door each morning with a smile. After migrating to their homerooms, they move outside to enjoy the morning air, friends and run off that excess energy!

  • 8:00 AM

    Morning Meeting

    Following the Responsive Classroom model, the Morning Meetings find students greeting each other in the classroom, sharing stories, singing morning songs, and starting the day on a even keel with their classmates. 

  • 8:15 AM

    Field Trips

    Dawson’s experiential education begins in kindergarten with regular field trips, while overnight trips begin in second grade. On average, each Lower School class takes six trips a year to study topics such as the nocturnal habits of zoo animals, pioneer and Cheyenne history at the Plains Conservation Center, or conservation and ecology at the YMCA in Estes Park.

  • 8:30 AM

    Class Time

    The academic stride begins as teachers and students settle in to work on language arts, math, science, and social studies.  Lead and assistant teachers offer both whole- and small-group instruction to ensure the needs of all students are met. 

  • 9:45 AM


    Morning break is a time for students to kick up their heels and breathe in a little of that glorious Colorado fresh air. Lower School students have four available recess breaks a day, as we feel that keeping growing minds fresh and engaged also involves keeping their growing bodies active, too!

  • 10:00 AM


    We truly believe in a well-rounded education. Dawson students enjoy more time in specials than most of their elementary peers, spending between 1 ½ and 2 hours a week in music, art, Spanish, PE, and library/technology classes, all of which are closely integrated with their classroom curriculum. 

  • 11:00 AM


    Students take their favorite walk of the day to Henderson Dining Hall, where the variety of lunch options is second to none! 

  • 12:00 PM

    Technology or Additional Class Time

    Technology supports curiosity in all classes and is a powerful tool in creating and fostering a lifelong love of learning. Students will find an integration of technology in all areas of the Lower School.  From using iPads in the classroom to hone their math or reading skills, to learning how to evaluate websites for research, to taking a virtual tour of Ancient Rome, Dawson prides itself on bringing the world to its students, through both print and digital media. 

  • 1:30 PM

    More Specials or Additional Class Time

    Specials time may include singing/playing instruments in music; designing a favorite sculpture in art; participating in an organized PE activity; exchanging Spanish language and cultural experiences; listening to a favorite chapter book in library class; or working on an Internet research project in computer class.

  • 2:30 PM

    Wrapping Up Classwork

    Students have a final opportunity to visit the academic topics of the day and to begin thinking about preparing for the night’s homework. 

  • 3:00 PM

    Friday Assembly

    Friday assemblies are community gatherings for all Lower School students and faculty, and may include teacher or class-project presentations or a play, birthday celebrations, technology presentations, singing, stories, or a special guest. 

  • 3:30 PM

    End of Day

    Dismissal is a busy time of day in the Lower School and includes staying for After School Academy, a safe place full of activity for students who need to remain at school past the 3:30 dismissal time.