Technology Integration

Our Lower School students are true digital natives.

Growing up in a world where technology and technology skills are integrated in their day-to-day activities allows us to capitalize on this knowledge and embed and strengthen those skills in the classroom. Working in concert with teachers and other specialist our Library Media Specialist and Technology Integration Specialist seek out authentic learning experiences, which solidify necessary technology skills while broadening the access to grade specific curricula and classroom learning goals. Each classroom maintains 4 student iPads and 1 teacher iPad, while a school-wide set of 10 iPads and 20 iPod Touches are in rotation to meet the needs of specific teachers and projects. The Lower School students also enjoy access and direct instruction in our Computer Lab of 20 iMacs.

The technology curriculum provides students with the ability to be effective users of technology and information skills. The curriculum emphasizes the application of basic technology skills, computer software knowledge, and digital information skills. The technology instructors teach these skills during classes, as well as work with classroom teachers to collaboratively ensure that their technology needs are met. The library and technology curricula are closely intertwined and research and information skills goals are reflected in each of the classes and are planned in accordance with classroom curricular goals. Upon leaving the Lower School, students are prepared for the technology and information skills that they will be required to use for the duration of their academic careers.