Technology Integration

All middle school students are required to have an iPad as part of their set of regular school supplies. Students use their iPads in a variety of ways: as a digital planner, as a communications tool, as an educational tool using sites like Edmodo, and by sharing documents they have created using cloud services. Technology is not taught in a vacuum, but rather it is integrated into activities that help facilitate their learning in their classes.  

Teachers find creative ways to integrate technology, making subject matter more rich and engaging. Projects include creating music videos in language classes, researching countries around the world and creating eBooks to present their findings, using their iPads to photograph leaves around campus throughout the autumn and documenting the changes in color over time.  

The Middle School also has a mobile laptop cart allowing teachers to check them out to work on projects that require a full computer. Some of the projects the laptops are often used for include writing larger essays and papers, advanced video projects using Final Cut Pro, and mapping geographical locations in Google Earth.  

New in 2012-13, the Middle School Tech Team is a group of tech savvy students who volunteer to help troubleshoot common technology problems for faculty and their peers. These students spend time meeting with the Director of Tech Integration to work on projects like filming and editing video of Dawson special events and brainstorming innovative and functional ways to improve technology use in the Middle School.

Middle School students can choose to take a digital arts class as one of their art electives. This class gives students an opportunity to explore graphic design and digital photography using Photoshop. They also experiment with stop motion animation and Flash.