Experiential Education

Middle School class trips integrate curriculum with life skills, character development, citizenship, team-building, and science.  

Bridging the gap between theory and real life, service learning, and development of life skills is the hallmark of Winterim.  Faculty seek to design programs that support the mission of the school by requiring students to stretch themselves in mind, body, and character while exploring their education from an active, experiential perspective that goes beyond the conventional walls of the classroom. 

Fifth Grade Winterim

Oriented around the study of forest ecology, snow science, and general earth science at the Keystone Science School, this four-day program involves hands-on science education in an outdoor setting.  Each day is conducted in a way that encourages team building.  

Sixth Grade Winterim

At nearby Cal-Wood Environmental Education facility in Jamestown, this trip’s curriculum is based on forestry, geology, orienteering and use of compasses, homesteading, and visual arts. 

Seventh Grade Class Trip

This five-day outdoor experience includes hiking, orienteering, rafting, a low ropes course, and rock climbing at Cheley Camps in Estes Park. There is a general theme of environmental awareness and team building supported by skillfully led teachers. 

Eighth Grade Class Trip

The oldest of the Middle School class trips, the Moab trip, is often one of the most memorable. Over the course of the year, students compare the Boulder Creek, Rocky Mountain National Park, and Moab Desert ecosystems. Based at Arches National Park, activities include rafting, desert hikes, and team building. 

Seventh and Eighth Grade Winterims

Most Winterims fall into one of the following categories: community service, academic enhancement, technology/arts/athletic education, cultural/religious diversity awareness, environmental awareness, or wilderness adventure.

International trips can focus on language, culture, and community service.  These trips may also include ecological, cultural, historical or wilderness adventure programs.