Alexander Dawson School Board of Trustees

Alexander Dawson School is governed by an 11-member board of trustees and an internal administrative team. The trustees are ultimately responsible for the school and set all policies, although they delegate day-to-day operations to the head of school. The head of school is responsible for appointing and evaluating teachers and administrators who assist him in the operation of the school.


Oz Gutsche, Chair
Winston Berry
Susan Borst
W. Hunter Campbell
Marianne Castano
Lisa Eyler
Kim Johnston
John O'Brien
Carlos Sala
Farrow Smith
Dana Thompson
Ex Officio
George Moore, Head of School
Lisa Albright, DPA President

Leadership Team

Mr. George P. Moore
Head of School

Ms. Sarah Amirani
Director of Marketing and Communications

Ms. Patty Leslie
CFO/Business Manager

Ms. Christine Lipson
Director of Human Resources and Operations
Ms. Susan Miller
Director of Development
Ms. Heather Mock
Director of K-8

Mr. Jason Mundy
Director of Upper School
Mr. Mark Saunders
Director of Admissions & Financial Aid

Board Level Committees

Finance and Budget
Carlos Sala, Chair
Marjorie Hargrave
Andrew Morley
Krupal Patel
Nate Thompson
Ex Officio
George Moore, Head of School
Patty Leslie, CFO/Business Manager

Nate Thompson, Chair
Andrew Morley
Carlyn Taylor
Ex Officio
Carlos Sala, Finance Chair
Patty Leslie, CFO/Business Manager

Oz Gutsche, Chair
Larry Becker
Dan Beeck
Tim Borst
David Brown
Ken Dulin
Steve Walden
Ex Officio
George Moore, Head of School
Christine Lipson, Operations Manager
Patty Leslie, CFO/Business Manager

Board Level Committees

Susan Borst, Chair
Doug Brown
Marianne Castano
Judy Goldman
Becky Morley
Ed Sanden
Susy Shams
Ex Officio
George Moore, Head of School
Susan Miller, Development Director

Dana Thompson, Chair
Kris Koval
Farrow Smith
Ex Officio
George Moore, Head of School
Heather Mock, K-8 Director
Jason Mundy, Upper School Director

Pawan Vora, Chair
Kim Johnston
Erik Nickerson
Ex Officio
George Moore, Head of School
Jeff Ellenbogen, Director of Technology
Patty Leslie, CFO/Business Manager

Former Foundation Trustees

Mr. G.B. Henderson
Mr. Richard Barnett
Mr. Howard Bruggeman
Mr. William Coulthard
Mr. Steve Courso
Mr. W.D. Falconer
Mr. Roy Hollingsworth
Mr. Jack Lawrence
Mr. Larry Moran
Mr. C. Donald Brown
Mr. Thomas J. Collins
Mr. Harley E. Harmon
Mr. John Hartley
Mr. Walter J. Sarad
Mr. Frank H. Ricketson, Jr.
Dr. Mario P. Borini
Mr. Joseph C. Borini

Parent Trustees

Ms. Karen Joiner and Mr. John Cohagen, 2000-01
Mr. Larry Becker and Ms. Maria Aweida, 2001-02
Mr. Steve Hughes and Ms. Susan Borst, 2004-05
Mr. Steve Hughes, Ms. Susan Borst, Ms. Christina Hinton, 2007-08
Ms. Susan Borst, Mr. Dan Sullivan, Ms. Dana Thompson, 2009-14
Ms. Susan Borst, Mr. Carlos Sala, Ms. Dana Thompson, 2014-2015
Ms. Winston Berry, Ms. Marianne Castano, Mr. Carlos Sala, Ms. Dana Thompson, 2015-

Heads of School

Mr. John Harmon 1970-79
Mr. Barry Grove 1979-82
Ms. Orpha Delaney, Mr. Jack Turner, and Mr. Kurt Grinnel 1982 Interim Team
Dr. Robert D. McKay 1982-84
Mr. Tom Grayson 1984-87
Mr. Harold Whitman 1987-88 Interim
Mr. Chris Taylor 1988-99
Mr. Andy Bryant 1999-00 Interim
Mr. Greg Foster 2000-05
Dr. Anthony Kandel 2005-06 Interim
Mr. Brian E. M. Johnson 2006-12
Mr. George P. Moore, 2012-Present

Parent Association Presidents (Board of Trustees Ex-Officio Members)

Ms. Sandy Wachtel 1989-90
Ms. Paula Fitzgerald 1990-91
Ms. Susan Fey 1991-92
Ms. Lynn Wing 1992-93
Ms. Mari Fink and
Ms. Mary Jo Reitsema 1993-94
Mr. Joe Gury 1994-95
Ms. Jan Domlesky 1995-96
Ms. Kerry Chubb 1996-97
Ms. Phyllis Wibby 1998-99
Ms. Uriah Bueller 1999-00
Ms. Cheryl Orr 2000-01
Ms. Terri Hecht 2001-02
Ms. Susan Borst 2002-04
Ms. Christina Hinton 2004-06
Ms. Kristy Anderson 2005-07
Ms. Marie Stears 2008-10
Ms. Sally Dulin 2010-11
Ms. Lori Winsor 2011-12
Ms. Sarah Amirani 2012-13
Ms. Tala Bynum 2013-14
Ms. Winston Berry 2014-15
Ms. Lisa Albright 2015-16