Dawson Admissions would love to hear from you.

Call:  303-665-6679
Fax:  303-381-0415
Email: admissions@dawsonschool.org

The Dawson Admissions Committee considers many factors when evaluating an applicant, including the required application packet, the shadow day experience, and an interview with one of the admissions directors. These elements in total help the Committee to form a complete picture of each applicant’s strengths, interests, and personal qualities. We seek families that will support and uphold the mission of the school and students who are motivated and enthusiastic about learning, who enjoy taking on challenges, and who will contribute to and benefit from our program.

Family Campus Visit

The best way to decide whether you wish to apply to Dawson is to come visit our campus. During this visit you will observe classes, see the campus and the facilities, and learn about the Dawson approach to academics, student life, sports, the arts, and community service/leadership. Each visit lasts about an hour and will give you a good overview of our school program and community. Simply call or email the Admissions Office to schedule a convenient time to visit.

Steps to Apply

The application can be filled out in one of three ways: completed and submitted online; downloaded and printed from our website and then mailed; or completed from your admissions packet and then mailed. The application is comprised of several elements:
  • parent questionnaire
  • student questionnaire
  • teacher recommendations
  • official transcript
  • $75 application fee
Families interested in exploring financial aid can learn more about that process by clicking here.

Shadow Day

Once you have started an application and submitted your application fee, all 1st–12th grade applicants will schedule a time to shadow a current Dawson student for a day. The shadow day typically includes both academic and elective classes, lunch, and a readiness assessment.

Kindergarten applicants will be invited to visit during January or February for a simulated class experience and a readiness assessment.

When will I be notified?

The Admissions Committee reviews applications throughout the year. Notification of admissions decisions for the fall term for all 1st–12th grade applicants begin during the winter, and continue on a rolling basis until all available openings are filled. Because of the assessment timeline, kindergarten applicants are notified beginning in early March. Decisions on applications received after February, for all grades, will be notified as soon as the applications are completed and reviewed.

Forms: Transcript Request & Teacher Recommendations

* Please wait until November to request the teacher recommendations from your child's current teachers
* Please wait until December to request your present school send us an official transcript