The Dawson Endowment

A  U N I Q U E  O P P O R T U N I T Y
A N  E X C E P T I O N A L  F U T U R E 

Dawson boasts a superior academic program, outstanding and dedicated faculty, small classes, partnership with families, community service, respectful school culture and excellence in athletics and the arts.

The best thing about Dawson was that we had the opportunity to get out of the classroom and into nature. My teacher and whitewater slalom racing coach, Nate Lord, helped grow my love for rivers and paddling. I never guessed I would have turned this hobby, this love of rivers, into a profession. That is why I do what I do…because of him.
~ Dawson Graduate

Dawson’s accomplishments would not have been possible without the dedication of its students, parents, faculty, administration, Board of Trustees and the community – a collaboration that has put the fundamentals in place. Now, Dawson is committed to building an endowment fund and blazing the trail into its future.

Income from these endowments pay a significant portion of the school’s operating costs, relieving the pressure to increase tuition as well as providing opportunities for their students. Without an endowment, Dawson is at a disadvantage.

For Dawson to sustain excellence and maintain its position among the leading college preparatory schools, an investment must be made in the faculty, students and our vision.

The Dawson Endowment will allow Dawson to rely on the annual income from permanently invested funds, relieving pressure on tuition and the Dawson Annual Fund. To be competitive with the leading college preparatory schools, Dawson must

  • Continue to create innovative programs,
  • Attract exceptional, motivated, and naturally curious students, regardless of financial need, and
  • Recruit, reward, and retain the most talented and experienced teachers.

Funds contributed to the endowment campaign will provide Dawson with resources to ensure faculty, student and academic excellence. Gifts to the campaign will help immediately as well as create a fund for the future.

T H E   T I M E   I S   N O W
T H E  D A W S O N  E N D O W M E N T

Your support is essential. Our goal is $4,000,000. Please consider making an investment in future  students, faculty, and families that will ensure Dawson’s legacy. 

Contributions to the Dawson Endowment should complement rather than replace your gifts to the Dawson Annual Fund.

For more information, please contact:

George P. Moore, Head of School

Susan Miller, Director of Development