Dream Series

Why Dream? 

When looking to the future, most successful organizations – including many independent schools  – take the view: “If it isn’t broken, why fix it?” 

But truly great schools dream great dreams – looking to the future to consider how new technologies and new learning strategies might transform the classroom and the campus.

At Dawson we accept this challenge with excitement and the confidence that, with the participation of the full school community, an even greater Dawson will emerge in the years ahead. So, we conducted the first-ever Dawson Dream Series with the following: what we can dream, we can be.


One Way of Making Dreams Come True

When asked why independent schools have endowments, George Moore replied: “To make their dreams come true. It’s about the dreams.”

For some time we have hoped to launch an endowment that would do three things:

1. ensure that the Dawson experience endures;
2. maintain faculty excellence; and,
3. continue our generous financial aid program.

But we have yet to step back and dream just how far we might take Dawson if we had the resources to go there.


Why Great Schools Have Endowments

As fine a school as Dawson is today, we must not settle for just “more of the same” when the future holds such exciting possibilities for taking each student’s learning experience a qualitative step forward. That must be the purpose of the Dawson endowment.

But even beyond the endowment, we hope that the Dawson Dream Series will generate increased excitement about learning … greater commitment to innovation and imagination … and inspiration for future Dawson planning.