Technology Integration

Technology is not taught in a vacuum, but rather it is incorporated into activities to facilitate students’ learning in classes. 

All ninth grade students are required to have an iPad as part of their set of regular school supplies.  Students are taught to use their iPad in a variety of ways: as a digital planner that gives them access to all of their homework assignments, as a communication tool to email teachers and submit class work, as an educational tool using sites like Edmodo, and by sharing documents they have created using cloud services such as Google Drive.  

Students in grades 10-12 have access to two iMac labs that run both Mac and Windows operating systems. Technology is incorporated into the curriculum in ways that help to improve the learning and thinking of the students. Projects can include

making multimedia poetry presentations that include video, photos, text, music and spoken word, creating shared documents in Google Drive so that students can collaborate on research projects for AP government class, and modeling Roman villas in 3D using SketchUp.

Upper school students have opportunities to explore technology outside of the academic arena by learning graphic design using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop while creating the yearbook. Students can also choose to enroll in AP Computer Science to learn programming languages such as Java and Objective-C.