Alexander Dawson School Board of Trustees

Alexander Dawson School is governed by a board of trustees and an internal administrative team. Trustees are a combination of executives of the Alexander Dawson Foundation and local Dawson School parent and alumni trustees. The trustees are ultimately responsible for the school and set all policies, although they delegate day-to-day operations to the head of school. The head of school is responsible for appointing and evaluating teachers and administrators who assist him in the operation of the school.
2022-23 Board of Trustees
Kimberley Johnston, Chairman and Treasurer
W. Hunter Campbell, Vice Chair and General Counsel
Pearl Gallagher, Secretary
Susan Borst
Lisa Eyler
Michelle Johnson
Erin Klau
Robin Opie

2022-23 Trustees:
tanding left to right. Michelle Johnson, Lisa Eyler, Susan Borst, and Erin Klau Sitting left to right. Pearl Gallagher, Kimberley Johnston, and Robin Opie (not pictured: W. Hunter Campbell)
Kimberley Johnston as Chair and George Moore as Head of School
are ex officio members of each committee below.

Leadership Team

Mr. George P. Moore
Head of School

Ms. Griselda Archuleta-Still
Director of Marketing/Communications

Ms. Katharine Cappo
Director of Development

Dr. David D'Ercole
Director of Lower School

Dr. Anne Hecox
Director of Upper School

Ms. Christine Lipson
Director of Human Resources 

Mr. Jay Parker
Director of Middle School

Mr. Scott Schneider
Director of Admissions & Tuition Assistance

Ms. Michelle Wolf
CFO/Business Manager 

Board Level Committees

Susan Borst, Chair
Megan Dunleavy
Alex Schneider
Michelle Yano
Katharine Cappo, Director of Development

Capital Campaign
Susan Borst, Chair
Lisa Albright
Erin Klau
Katharine Cappo, Director of Development

Finance and Budget
Michelle Johnson, Chair
Tom Miller
Robin Opie
Jay Orris
Michelle Wolf, CFO/Business Manager

Michelle Johnson, Chair
Susan Borst
Tom Miller
Robin Opie
Jay Orris
Michelle Wolf, CFO/Business Manager


Board Level Committees

Alex Gury '97, Chair
Tracy Amick
Tim Borst
David Brown
Tom Duckett
Lisa Eyler
Jeff Johnson
Bob Gance, Plant Superintendent
Michelle Wolf, CFO/Business Manager

Strategic Planning
Robin Opie, Chair
David D'Ercole, Director of Lower School 
Jay Parker, Director of Middle School 
Anne Hecox, Director of Upper School 

Committee on Trustees
Erin Klau, Chair
Susan Borst
Lisa Eyler

Former Foundation Trustees

Mr. G.B. Henderson
Mr. Richard Barnett
Mr. Howard Bruggeman
Mr. William Coulthard
Mr. Steve Courso
Mr. W.D. Falconer
Mr. Roy Hollingsworth
Mr. Jack Lawrence
Mr. Larry Moran
Mr. C. Donald Brown
Mr. Thomas J. Collins
Mr. Oswald Gutsche
Mr. Harley E. Harmon
Mr. John Hartley
Mr. Walter J. Sarad
Mr. Frank H. Ricketson, Jr.
Dr. Mario P. Borini
Mr. Joseph C. Borini
Mr. John O'Brien
Mr. Farrow Smith

Parent/Alumni Trustees

Ms. Karen Joiner and Mr. John Cohagen, 2000-01
Mr. Larry Becker and Ms. Maria Aweida, 2001-02
Mr. Steve Hughes and Ms. Susan Borst, 2004-05
Mr. Steve Hughes, Ms. Susan Borst, Ms. Christina Hinton, 2007-08
Ms. Susan Borst, Mr. Dan Sullivan, Ms. Dana Thompson, 2009-14
Ms. Susan Borst, Mr. Carlos Sala, Ms. Dana Thompson, 2014-2015
Ms. Winston Berry, Ms. Marianne Castano, Mr. Carlos Sala, Ms. Dana Thompson, 2015-2017
Ms. Lisa Albright, Ms. Marianne Castano, Mr. Alex Gury, Mr. Carlos Sala, 2017-2019
Ms. Lisa Albright, Mr. Alex Gury, Ms. Michelle Johnson, Ms. Erin Klau, 2019-2021
Mr. Alex Gury, Ms. Michelle Johnson, Ms. Erin Klau, Mr. Robin Opie, 2021-2022
Ms. Michelle Johnson, Ms. Erin Klau, Mr. Robin Opie, 2022-

Heads of School

Mr. John Harmon, 1970-79
Mr. Barry Grove, 1979-82
Ms. Orpha Delaney, Mr. Jack Turner, and Mr. Kurt Grinnel, 1982 Interim Team
Dr. Robert D. McKay, 1982-84
Mr. Tom Grayson, 1984-87
Mr. Harold Whitman, 1987-88 Interim
Mr. Chris Taylor, 1988-99
Mr. Andy Bryant, 1999-00 Interim
Mr. Greg Foster, 2000-05
Dr. Anthony Kandel, 2005-06 Interim
Mr. Brian E. M. Johnson, 2006-12
Mr. George P. Moore, 2012-Present