Education is not a spectator sport, so Dawson makes sure students participate directly in their learning. Your kids are going to get their hands dirty here,” one faculty member explains. Our students use their muscles, their minds, and all of their senses to learn about the world around them. They travel, investigate, and come to fully appreciate countless aspects of nature, culture, history, science, language, and more.

It begins in kindergarten with regular field trips and progresses to overnight trips and then week-long class trips in Middle and Upper School. An overnight Lower School excursion might be to the Denver Zoo where students use night-vision goggles to observe animals in the dark, or to the Plains Conservation Center, where they spend two days livings as Native Americans and pioneers did years ago.

Our all-school Winterim program is a week when students engage in special thematic learning programs, both on and away from campus, depending on grade level. By seventh grade, a student’s Winterim experience might well take pace outside of the country.

These experiences are a key way that Dawson fulfills the vision it has for its students: that our graduates are young men and women who achieve their individual potential, savor life, and meet the challenges of the world.