Dawson’s Language Immersion Program offers sophomores, juniors, and seniors the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in language and culture by living with a family and attending high school abroad as an exchange student. An immersion program in Spain is offered annually, and immersion programs in China and France are offered bi-annually, in alternate years. In Spring 2019, Spanish-language students studied abroad for several weeks in Seville, Spain, and will again in Spring 2020. In Spring 2019, French-language students had the opportunity to study in Tours, France, and will again in 2021. Mandarin-language students studied for two weeks in Chongqing, China in Spring 2018, and will again in 2020. 

Click on the links below for country-specific details, including downloadable applications.

SPAIN 2020               CHINA 2020


For more information on the Spain program, please contact Erin Billet at ebillet@dawsonschool.org.

For more information on the China program, please contact Matt Carter at mcarter@dawsonschool.org.

Information on the France program will be available Fall 2020.

“This has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. It’s a unique experience, and affects everyone in a different way. My language skills improved immensely, and I vastly expanded my knowledge of the Spanish culture and people. I would absolutely go. You’d be crazy not to.”
- Jake Blank ‘13

“Strolling through the city, taking trips to other parts of Spain, singing along at the soccer games, eating chocolate and churros, watching the Semana Santa parades, getting lost in the cobblestone alleys of Seville, eating tapas, and feeling like a Spaniard for five weeks was one of the best experiences I have ever had.”
- Emily Barrett ‘13

“At first I was really nervous about going to another country where I didn’t know anyone, but the people there were so welcoming. I found that the hardest part of the whole experience was saying goodbye to all of the wonderful people that I met.”
- Genna Clow ‘12

“Truly immersing yourself in a Spanish-speaking culture is the best way to really get an understanding of the language itself. I am glad to have made so many great friends and to have seen another country from a local’s perspective, rather than just taking a vacation abroad.”
- Sarah Niemeyer ‘10

“Studying abroad had a profound effect on me. I became a lot more independent. When you live in a different way, you gain a lot of insight, and how that changes you as a person is difficult to quantify.”
 - Kevin Mandagere ‘08

“I returned to Dawson and Spanish became one of my favorite classes. I went on to be a Spanish major at Davidson College. My Spanish-speaking abilities have made traveling the world easier and more enjoyable. You would be crazy not to do it. Challenge yourself by living in another world.”
 - Taylor McLemore ‘01



September 5 - 6:00 p.m. - Spanish Cottage
Info Meeting for interested parents and students (both Spain and China)

September 20 - Applications due
Available online or from Ms. Billet or Mr. Carter

September 23 - October 3 - Interviews

October 4 - Acceptance notification

October 14 - Contract and deposit due