During the two-day signup period, you may register at your convenience; however, all registration must be completed by the 8:00 p.m. deadline on Tuesday, October 23.

The site will lead you through the signup process, which will require entering a credit card number and billing information. An initial charge of $1.00 per family will be charged after the checkout process in order to validate the entered credit card. You will not be able to complete the checkout process until the card is validated.

The online registration system will then place your child in a Winterim using his or her 1) assigned lottery number, 2) his or her prioritized selections that you entered online, and 3) Winterim availability.

The online registration system will notify each family of student(s)' respective Winterim placement the week of October 29 via the email you entered into the registration system. At that time, the full cost of their selected Winterim will be charged to the credit card that was validated.

If your family will not have a credit card for this registration process, please make an appointment with the Business Manager, Michelle Wolf, for Monday, October 22 or Tuesday, October 23 to complete the Winterim registration. Contact Michelle at or 303.665.6679 x401.
Dawson's Winterim is an experiential learning program that provides K-12 students an opportunity for a deep dive into a special topic, culture, or activity. It is a way to cultivate a current passion, or to discover a new one, and is one of many experiences that set a Dawson education apart from other schools.

* Students in grades K-4 have special campus activities, guests, and field trips around a theme, such as World Cultures.
* Grades 5-6 travel as a grade to a camp in Colorado such as Calwood for a myriad of fun team-building and science-based activities.
* Grades 7-12 explore a wide range of educational options outside of the classroom. With local, domestic, and international experiences, Winterim strengthens the regular classroom curriculum by drawing students and teachers into activities and places that help bridge the gap between theory and real life. Faculty-designed programs support the mission of the school by requiring students to stretch themselves in mind, body, and character while exploring their education from an active, experiential perspective that goes beyond the conventional walls of the classroom.

WINTERIM 2019: Guidelines, Catalogs, Selection Forms



In order to deepen the learning opportunities of Winterim, Dawson has added three additional days to our signature experiential education program. In grades 9-12, Winterim will begin on Wednesday, March 6 with three local days devoted to background study and preparation experiences. The program will continue through Friday, March 15, with mandatory culminating activities on the last day. As in the past, some Winterim programs will spend most or all of their time in Boulder County, while others will travel throughout the country or abroad to achieve their educational goals. Traveling trips often use weekend days before and/or after for travel. Exact dates for each Winterim will be available in the Winterim catalog in early October. Attendance for the entire Winterim experience is required, so please make a note of these dates as you schedule your family's plans for the school year, and refrain from scheduling appointments during Winterim time.

Monday, September 17: Immersion and Adventure Leadership applications due.

Wednesday, October 3:
  Winterim catalog posted online.

Wednesday, October 3:  Upper School Winterim Preview.

Tuesday, October 9: Middle School Winterim Preview.

Wednesday, October 10: Deadlines to petition for an independent college trip (juniors) or an internship. Contact Melissa Barker for application. 

Monday, October 22, 8:00 a.m. - Tuesday, October 23, 8:00 p.m.:  Online Winterim registration

Week of October 29: Families will be notified of their Winterim via the email on your account.

Wednesday, March 6 - Friday, March 15:
  Winterim dates. Please note that many traveling Winterims use the weekend before and/or after Winterim Week for travel and programming.

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