Adventure Leadership Winterim Program 2019
**This is a competitive program with a limited number of spots, so we are asking students to apply ahead of Winterim registration. Those accepted will be notified prior to general Winterim signup.

Deadline for the application is September 17.
Applicant interviews begin September 24.
Acceptance notification will happen on October 9.


The Adventure Leadership program starts on campus at Dawson with three days of intensive leadership training led by the 6th grade teachers on March 6-8. On Monday, March 11, Upper school leads will travel with the Dawson sixth grade by school bus to Snow Mountain Ranch. Your role will include: building relationships with and empathy for 6th grade students, supporting Snow Mountain Ranch and Dawson staff/faculty, and creating and leading lessons and activities.

As an assistant counselor you will be responsible for morning and evening routines of your bunk group, helping facilitate meals, and leading bunk activities.
Additionally, this Winterim will fulfill the Dawson sophomore community service requirement.

Education Goals:
1) Develop and practice leadership skills.
2) Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of engagement in a community.
3) Develop empathy to better understand the individual needs of younger students.

Time Requirements:
Your involvement in this Winterim, shouldl you choose to accept the mission, will include some time at Dawson with Ms. Schedler, Mrs. Yelvington, Ms. Medler, and the sixth grade students (54):
- Each US lead will participate in 1-2 sixth grade challenge course sessions in February and March.
- Full-day leadership training and curriculum planning March 6-8, 2019 (attendance at all sessions is required).

At Snow Mountain Ranch near Winter Park, Colorado:
- March 11-14 with sixth graders, teachers, and Snow Mountain Ranch staff

***March 15 debrief, reflection, and celebration (full day)
Contact Information:
For more information contact Melissa Barker, RuthAnne Schedler, or Diane Yelvington