These programs are designed to inspire students to pursue their intellectual passions, engender an eagerness to seek out learning opportunities beyond campus, and prepare students for the future. These goals honor the values that have made Charles Wolf, Jr. an exceptional scholar, leader, and public servant.

Students are encouraged to apply for one of two separate summer learning opportunities.  Please note that while this program is open to a Global or Domestic possibility, this year we are only accepting applications that could be completed in the time of COVID and the present restrictions that have been put on travel, etc.  Please touch base with Mr. Lewis,, regarding details.

Global Wolf Scholar Award

Students who are passionate about acquiring a global perspective should apply for this financial grant. One award will be presented to the most compelling application. The International Wolf Scholar Award recipient will receive up to $4000 to support individual research or attendance in a unique program of intellectual merit.

Domestic Wolf Scholar Award

Students who are interested in education, potentially becoming educators, making a difference in the education of the very young (birth to three) and/or feel they can contribute to systems, research and ideas that can serve or leverage those who work within this arena, should apply for this scholarship.

Research shows children from birth to age three need more interaction and care than even those from preschool to 12th grade. Yet this early learning age-group is the worst served in today’s educational system in the United States. We are seeing deeply concerning education results in the form of plunging high school graduation rates, extremely poor reading skills and a scarcity of of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) degrees that reveal our nation is not keeping pace with global competition and which can be directly traced to a scarcity of birth-to-three child development. How might you help? Research? Ideas for new programs: better measurement, more funding, better accountability of teachers, parents, administrators?

Wolf Scholarship Process

List of 3 items.

  • Eligibility

    1. Open to freshman, sophomores, and juniors who will have completed at least one year at Dawson. In addition to submitting an application, applicants must obtain one written recommendation.

    2. All applicants must identify a program or plan of study. Charles Wolf, Jr. Scholarship grants are outright awards and do not require a pre-existing program, but may include, as an alternative to a specific program, an individualized learning experience.

    3. All applicants must submit a budget of expenses for their program.

    4. Applicant finalists will have an interview with the review committee to present their proposal. A member of the Wolf family will be a member of the review committee and participate in the interview.

    5. Student applications are available at the Upper School office. All applications for the Global and Domestic Wolf Awards should be submitted to Mr. Lewis by February 1.
  • Application Review

    1. The review committee will evaluate applications and select finalists. All finalists will present their proposals to the review committee.

    2. The committee will consider the following factors in evaluating applications:
      • The academic merit of the identified program or plan of study.
      • The applicant’s record of achievement, and academic promise.
      • The benefit that this program or plan of study will provide to the applicant (intellectual and personal growth).
      • The benefit that this program or plan of study will provide to the school, community, or others.
      • The committee may consider hardships the applicant has overcome or the applicant’s financial need, though demonstrated need is not a requirement for a successful application.
  • Awards

    The committee will grant awards by mid-March for the Global Scholar Award and the Domestic Scholar Award. Both award recipients will be recognized at the Upper School Awards Ceremony at the end of the school year.