Prior to the first day of classes, Dawson Upper School students embark on four-day grade-level trips as part of the school’s experiential education program. Each class travels to a unique location to learn more about one another and to consider more deeply the virtues of respect, compassion, courage, and integrity.
On the last evening of the ninth grade trip, students are asked to write a letter to their future selves, describing their hopes and dreams for high school. Four years later, during graduation week, seniors are given those letters to read. The quiet that settles upon the group is indicative of the self-reflection and emotion that words from a younger self bring. Each senior reflects on his or her time at Dawson and the wide variety of opportunities that challenged each of them individually.

Rigorous Academics

Indicative of our commitment to deliver the best educational experience in Boulder, Dawson offers a rigorous academic program with AP courses in every discipline, challenging athletics and activities, outstanding performing and visual arts, and a rich array of community service opportunities. Our private school is more than a group of classrooms, teachers and students; it is a cohesive community that features myriad ways for everyone, including parents, to contribute. You can learn more about the Dawson community here and explore the opportunities we offer all of our students and families.

Each child is encouraged to immerse themselves in the educational and life experiences that our school community offers. Dawson students are active participants in every aspect of campus life. A commitment to experiential education ensures that students at Dawson learn just as much beyond the classroom as they do in. Seniors remember fondly the annual class trips in the fall, Winterim week, the senior retreat, and summer opportunities to study and travel abroad.

The Impact of a Dawson Education

As students reflect back on their years at Dawson they also remember the faculty and staff members who have impacted their lives as advisors, role models, and friends. In fact, members of the faculty offer a tribute to each senior during the senior honoring ceremony on the eve of graduation. In a student’s time here at Dawson, the relationships they develop with members of the faculty are deep. This allows us to celebrate each graduate as the individual they have grown to become.
Dawson graduates are prepared academically, socially, and emotionally for every challenge that awaits them. Most importantly, however, they have been part of a community where character matters and where they have been known and celebrated as individuals.