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Physical Education in Lower School

Physical education is a combination of fitness, skill and concept development, and sportsmanship. Teachers work with students to set goals, while developing and maintaining individual levels of fitness. The development, enhancement, and understanding of movement competency are critical for each student. Responsible and respectful personal and social behaviors in a physically active setting are essential.

PE as a class is offered almost daily to grades K-5, underscoring its importance to students health, social-emotional well-being, and academic success. In addition, PE teachers educate about healthy life choices such as a balanced diet, using tools including the Lower School Learning Garden. Regular periods of recess on a dedicated Lower School playground also helps active young learners make the most of their time at Dawson.

Students teach each other about physical health, as well: During the year, fourth graders may visit grades K-3 at the start of the day to lead them in exercises. Here is a sample of a series of videos where fourth graders demonstrate exercise techniques.

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