The Innovation Center: Under Construction Now, Completion Fall 2020


FALL 2019

August/September: Pull down old Lower School Arts building; becomes East Parking lot. Expand Middle School Parking lot, and handle needs on portion of Lower School lot. Work on infrastructure of Dawson Center for Innovation and campus needs.

A best-in-class facility that empowers today's students and faculty - and tomorrow's - with the space and tools to boldly explore an idea. Classrooms will allow traditional education to evolve and adapt, and the space will serve as a resource for collaboration with the community, with business, and with each other. The nexus of a state-of-the-art building, our amazing faculty, and Dawson's unique educational program. Planned completion: Fall 2020.

Dawson's campus is integral to our program, and is used in ways both educational and restorative. Our campus quad, The Green, is designed to allow and promote community gathering, recreation, and experiential learning. Planned completion: Fall 2020.

The spark of possibility.

There's nothing more important than helping young people discover the possibilities, and that is what Dawson does every day. We develop students into the world's thinkers, leaders, creators - and the glorious Dawson campus is where possibilities ignite. Dawson has experienced remarkable enrollment growth, and we are dedicated to providing the best educational program in the region; that combination has led to our first new construction in 20 years. We have exciting plans for developing our campus to nurture our students' development for years to come.

Thanks to the generosity and early support of the Alexander Dawson Foundation, many Dawson families, alumni, and grandparents, as well as the hard work of numerous dedicated volunteers, we are excited to announce that the time is now for us to move from development to reality! 

Our fantastic Dining Commons was completed on time, on budget, and is a hub of activity, from meals to meetings and events. The Learning Commons in Henderson Hall is the very best of library-meets-student center -- a place our students want to visit. Now the Dawson Center for Innovation and The Green campus quad are underway. These facilities are game-changers, and support the development of the combination of hard and soft skills students need to succeed.
We continue to seek and gain support for the subsequent phases of the campus growth plan. We have work to do to realize our full vision for the campus, but our progress has exceeded expectations.

Please explore these pages to learn more about what's planned. We hope you share our excitement for what's ahead!



Dawson's Guiding Principles for Campus Growth

* Stay anchored in Dawson's Strategic Plan - our vision for Dawson's best future.   
* Invite full community participation - trustees, families, students, alumni, faculty, staff.  
Utilize best-in-class guidance and partners throughout design and construction.  
Make choices based on what is essential for our students' success.  
Live our commitment to today's best practices in sustainability and the environment.  
Ensure new facilities complement and integrate with current campus look and feel.  
Be fiscally responsible. Design spaces for maximum, multi-purpose, flexible use.