Our mission: Dawson School is dedicated to excellence of mind, body, and character. We prepare students, through challenging and relevant learning, to become creative, resilient problem-solvers who bring their best to the world.
Campus Life

Campus Fun

When you spend most days pursuing challenging coursework, in sports or theater practice, and developing extracurricular passions, you need time to savor life and have some fun! Dawson prides itself on its close-knit community – which is built in large measure through annual activities on campus. Upper and Middle School dances… Dawson Fest carnival and fun run… crazy Halloween events… the whole campus coming together to celebrate Winter Carnival or having a pep rally for Homecoming…. There are a myriad of ways that students, faculty, and families come together to celebrate being Dawson.

Dawson Fest Carnival & Fun Run


Homecoming Pep Rally

Spirit Week Video

Winter Carnival