Dawson is dedicated to providing excellence in education while also prioritizing the safety of our community. Our smaller population, larger campus, and close-knit community combine to make Dawson uniquely suited to deliver on this commitment. While we cannot eliminate all risk, we are fully informed and prepared, and following public health and government guidelines. Dawson has layers of mitigation strategies that provide safety while ensuring our students are academically prepared for their future.

We all play a part in protecting the health and safety of the Dawson community. As we all move through the coronavirus pandemic, Dawson will strive to provide current information, clear protocols, and useful resources, and we appreciate your active partnership in making this year successful for all. 


Your kiddo was sick in the night, or they woke up with a sore throat... what do you do? According to public health guidance, when your student has new onset symptom(s) or a worsening of a usual condition, they should stay home, regardless of vaccination status.
First thing in the morning, the parent/guardian should fill out the STUDENT HEALTH ABSENCE FORM so that Dawson teachers and staff know that your student will be out.
Dawson is no longer requiring everyone to complete a health screening form, regardless of whether they feel sick or not; this form is for when someone is feeling under the weather. If your student has a chronic issue, there is a way to indicate that on the form.
A reminder that the symptoms of COVID can look like the symptoms of numerous other things.
*MAJOR symptoms are feeling feverish, a new/worsening cough, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell.
*MINOR symptoms are sore throat, running nose or congestion, muscle or body aches, headache, fatigue, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea. (Sounds like cold/flu/allergies, right?)
RETURNING TO SCHOOL: You will find on the Student Health Absence Form info on how to return to school; it is condensed from the public health guidance below. The main change is no need for 24-hour symptom-free buffer.

1. If student has any symptoms and they resolve in 24 hours, the student can return to school.


What's an acceptable Face Covering?

BOULDER COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH - DEFINITION OF FACE COVERING: Face Covering or Facial Covering means a covering made of cloth, fabric, or other soft or permeable material, without holes, that covers only the nose and mouth and surrounding areas of the lower face. Mesh, netting, or similarly porous material does not meet the requirements or definition of a Face Covering. A Face Covering may be factory-made or may be handmade and improvised by using ordinary household materials. The Face Covering should fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face; allow for breathing without restriction; and either be constructed of disposable mask materials or include multiple layers of fabric that can be laundered and machine-dried without damage or change to shape. Face Coverings must cover the nose and mouth at all times and should remain in place until taken off safely. If a worker’s Face Covering moves during work, it must be replaced with one that does not need to be frequently adjusted in order to reduce touching of the face. A Face Covering should be replaced when it becomes dirty, wet, and/or difficult to breathe through. Note that any mask that incorporates a one-way valve (typically a raised plastic cylinder about the size of a quarter on the front or side of the mask) that is designed to facilitate easy exhaling is not a Face Covering under this Order and is not to be used to comply with this Order’s requirements. Valves of that type permit droplet release from the mask and can put others nearby at risk.


Dawson’s top priorities are the safety of every member of our Dawson community and the excellence of our program. For the benefit of our community, we all -- faculty, staff, students, parents -- must share in the responsibility of mitigating the spread of the COVID-19 virus in our community, allowing Dawson to have on campus, in-person learning. 
As members of the Dawson community, we agree to:
  • Recognize the privilege we have to be part of Dawson, proactively comply with protocols, stay positive, and encourage one another’s good habits without shaming.
  • Be mindful of the consequences of our actions away from Dawson and minimize unsafe social activities or travel.
  • Follow all posted signs and verbal directions.
  • Wear a mask 100% of the time indoors unless eating.
  • Strive for physical distance.
  • Keep sick students home.
  • Complete the Student Health Absence Form when your student has symptoms.
  • Dress prepared for open windows/doors and outdoor learning.
  • Wash hands thoroughly and/or sanitize hands often throughout the day.