Where Does Food Come From? Winterim

Day 2
We spent the morning focused on fire and its role in creating food and community. Afterward, we went to Blackbelly in Boulder, where we had a fabulous lunch and saw a lamb get butchered and broken down for sale. After a snack run to King Soopers, we returned to campus. Alexis Miller from Factory Farming Awareness Coalition spoke to us about how much of the meat and fish we consume in the U.S. makes it to the grocery stores and restaurants we visit.

Day 3
This morning we finally started planting.  After talking about planting and examining our seeds and materials, we got to it.  We are starting with seeds that we will germinate indoors, hoping to transfer them eventually to the garden.  We then examined the role of air in food, looking specifically at bread.  After lunch on campus, we worked with Mr. Billman on pizzas, learning about the history of pizza in the world and how the dough is made.  We then got to create our own pizzas!