Sailing The Sound Winterim

Sailing the Sound Update

Well, the day started EARLY at DIA, a 3:45 am meet-up at Alaska Airlines, followed by a 40-minute wait in security … but the wait was worth it! 
When we finally arrived at Port Townsend, we were greeted by sunny skies and smiles from the Sound Experience crew aboard the schooner Adventuress. Islands and mountains rose beneath the clouds, and we were off into the Salish Sea of Washington State. 
Throughout the day, amazing things occurred. The kids learned nautical terms like knot and galley and head, hauled up the foremast while singing, washed dishes (seriously!), solved a murder mystery(Shane and Jake as detectives, and well, Canela loves a good murder mystery!), and all the while Hayden has been shadowing Victor the boat engineer learning the intricacies of diesel engines. Honestly - this trip is amazing, and we can’t wait for what lies ahead as we explore Puget Sound!