Sailing The Sound Winterim

Sailing the Sound Update!
Tuesday was a glorious day on the water. We awoke to drizzling rain, but before long, the skies parted, and the shimmering peaks of the mountains in Olympic National Park greeted us. 
In sailing from Protection Island to Port Ludlow, we had a packed day of maritime history and sailing skills. This includes hoisting the main sheet and the foresail and working in teams to raise these historic sails. All the while, the kids were laughing and taking in the sights. 
Midday, we spotted a seal swimming alongside the ship, though we were still hoping for some whales. 
Shane, Birdie, and Cole learned about the history of our ship Adventuress, first built in 1913 as a whaler. Next, Henry, Kyla, and Jack learned about the specific building materials specific to the schooner (white oak, good, red oak, bad!). Finally, Rylie, Kush, and Ruby finally decorated the deck with nautical art. Julian has kept us laughing throughout; he is a seasoned sailor, and two for him this year. He’s been a remarkable leader!
During the evening, we anchored in Port Ludlow; google it … it is beautiful!