Back Country Ski Winterim

Day 7
The storm overnight was a whopper! With heavy snow and high winds, we awoke to over a foot of snow and blizzard conditions. After digging out the yurt entrances and the path to the outhouse, we gathered to discuss our plan for the day. The student chefs prepared a delicious bacon and egg breakfast that was enjoyed by all. Following breakfast, the guides gave us the weather and avalanche forecast and a great lesson on the human factors that affect outdoor recreation. Due to the challenging weather conditions, we spent the morning outside the yurts practicing our probing and shoveling skills. In the afternoon, we split into two groups and set out for deep powder skiing near the yurts. Between the strenuous shoveling, challenging weather, and skiing conditions, the group was tired, and the hot sauna couldn’t have come at a better time! The evening was spent enjoying a delicious pasta bolognese and playing Uno. Lights out came early after a big day. With an anticipated break in the storm, Thursday should offer some clear conditions and more powder skiing!