Middle School Performing Arts Winterim 3/23

Today in the middle school performing arts exploration, we stayed on campus and welcomed local playwrights, Josh Hartwell and Heather Beasley to our campus. Josh and Heather led us through a number of activities, ranging from a bizarre, found-object fashion show, a picture-based character attribute sheet, and monologue writing, eventually leading up to students writing short plays in groups. 
Students were assigned a classic fairy or folktale--"Stone Soup," "Rumpelstiltskin," and more--and were tasked with adapting it into dramatic form. Some groups chose to dramatize one particular moment from the story while others totally reimagined their tales, setting them in different places. We finished the day with staged readings of our mini-plays so that playwrights could hear their work read aloud and reflect on that experience.