Carolina Colleges Winterim 3/21

We headed to Davidson College for our first tour of the day. Davidson is a liberal arts college in a quaint town outside of Charlotte. They are known for their Honor Code, which makes for a lot of trust between students and professors. Students can feel safe leaving their laptops in the library; professors trust students to take their exams on their own time in their own location. We spent some time talking with Evie Johnson and Anika Banerjee, two Dawson alums who are loving Davidson.
After Davidson, we headed to Wake Forest, which is a mid-sized school in Winston-Salem. The campus felt big and very lively compared to Davidson, which is partly due to the size of the campus and partly due to the fact that most college students were sleeping or in class when we were at Davidson. We got to spend time with Nick Knobel, another Dawson alum who is thriving at Wake Forest.
We explored Winston-Salem and ate dinner in town.