Carolina Colleges Winterim 3/22

Post from Mike:

On Wednesday during our Carolina College Winterim. We got the chance to see High Point University, as well as Elon university. When we arrived at High Point University, we were welcomed with open arms by the students and faculty at that university. They provided us with multiple student representatives to give us a tour in our own golf cart that they took us in that we used when we went around the University. We also got to meet on Zoom with the Colorado representative from High Point University named Tom Smith. High Point gave us a very great info session as well as a tour around the campus. We got to see one of the freshmen dorms on campus, which gave the students an idea of what some dorms look like on a college campus. They were very spacious dorms that also gave people privacy, which is something that looked like some of our students are interested in. We got to see their business building, and they showed us some of their classrooms as well as one of their live fishbowl classrooms in their business program. We also got to go into one of the board rooms and watch a video of their president talking about what High Point is like. After we finished our tour, we got to meet a current High Point student who we talked to about their experience. 

After our visit to High Point University, we went to Elon University and talked with a former Dawson alumnus named Adam, who gave us a great discussion about what Elon is like. After that Sabina and Mike, along with Mr. Piccolini went and talked to an admissions counselor at Elon University, and got a chance to talk to her about questions that they had about Elon. Elon University has a great international program, as well as a great communications program which was the two main discussions during that meeting. 
We then headed to Chapel Hill, where we will stay for the rest of our trip. We loved staying at the Graduate Hotel, which is Michael Jordan-themed and includes a basketball court in the middle of the hotel.