Dawson creates a culture that values compassion, cooperation and respect by encouraging students to make a personal investment in the well being of others. Students are encouraged to engage in service that will stretch them to develop new perspectives, kindness, and tolerance that they can then share with the other members of the Dawson community.

The result is more than 4,000 hours of service to more than 100 programs and projects.

Lower & Middle School

All students have the opportunity to be a part of age-appropriate service projects that may be organized by individuals, groups, or the Dawson community service program. Many are open to students, parents, and family members, as well as faculty and staff. One may participate as an individual, small group, class or school. Projects vary from year to year and range from fundraising and collection drives, to volunteer for meal serving, clothing collection drives, food sorting, home construction, and art projects.

Upper School

Freshmen and seniors are encouraged to engage in the community service club or any of the service projects offered during the year.

Sophomores are required to document a minimum of 20 hours of community service, outside of regular class time and class trips, 10 of which must be completed by the end of the first semester. A minimum of 10 hours must be completed at one agency.

Juniors are required to complete and document a minimum of six hours of service at one agency or on one project. They are also required to participate in the Upper School Community Service Day.

Upper School Community Service Day engages all students in 9th- 11th grades in service projects with their advisory group. The projects range from hosting Special Olympics to performing outreach to the homeless teens in Boulder, or performing trail maintenance.

List of 1 members.

  • Cindy Knight 

    MS/US Library/ Community Service Coordinator
    Louisiana College - B.A.
    University of North Carolina - Greensboro - M.L.I.S.

Presidential Volunteer Service Award

Dawson is a certifying organization of The President’s Volunteer Service Award, which honors Americans who engage in volunteer service. The award recognizes those that have achieved a certain standard – measured by the number of hours of service over a 12-month period.

Serving others is a chance for the power of one voice, one action, or one idea to positively impact countless others.