Transportation: Greenride


If you do not find answers to your questions on this page, please contact Dawson’s Transportation Supervisor, Scott Wunch,, or 303-665-6679 ext. 439.
Dawson is pleased to offer the Greenride bus program again for the 2016-17 school year. Our centralized bus system continues to be fast, fun, safe, and convenient, not to mention time saving and affordable too! Dawson offers to all of its families a centralized-stop bus program that is convenient and, with the flat fee structure, affordable.  We believe that this program is both time and cost effective for parents, students, and the school.   

Centralized Stop Program Benefits

Low Fees: Fees are close to the cost of the gas it would take to drive, and we are happy to announce that 2016-17 rates will remain the same

Increased Ridership:  More students on the bus makes it more fun for everyone. 

Environmental Impact:  Each student who switches from riding in a car to taking the bus saves 5,000 lbs of CO2 per year.

Increased Safety:  National research demonstrates that with enhanced visibility and collision safety features, riding the bus is almost 100 times safer than riding in a car.

Increased Time for Parents:  Frees up hundreds of hours for parents over the course of the year! 

2016-17 Flat Rate Cost Structure

Flat Rate:  $1,100
Additional Sibling Discount (30%): $770 each  

2016-17 Close to Dawson Rates (C2D)

Think you live too close to Dawson to take advantage of the GreenRide?  New for next year; a special offering for families for Close to Dawson stop locations. 
Flat Rate:  $770
Additional Sibling Discount (30%): $539 each 

Permission to ride the bus: Bus drivers may not transport any unauthorized passengers. If a student not regularly assigned to a bus needs a ride, written permission in the form of a note or an email from the student’s parent must be sent to the school in advance.  If a student needs to ride the bus and does not have a note or email from his or her parent, authorization must be obtained from the appropriate divisional office at Dawson. A bus driver will not transport a student without written authorization from a parent.  Parents should contact the appropriate divisional office or the transportation supervisor to authorize bus transport.


Following is a overview of the expected stops for each route for 2016-17. Note: Each stop must have a minimum of 3 students to be considered; family signups this year will ultimately determine the final routes. Specifics on stop times are included in the Route Maps/Times information to the right.
Boulder – North Boulder 1
  • 28th Street & Iris (Safeway Parking Lot)
  • 47th Street & St. Johns
Boulder – North Boulder 2
  • 9th Street & Cedar (North Boulder Park)
  • 15th Street & Quince Avenue
Boulder/Lafayette – South
  • 4720 Table Mesa Drive (Nepal Cuisine)
  • Broadway Street & Baseline Road (Basemar Shopping Center)
  • Cherryvale Road & Reserve Drive
  • Park Lake Drive & Lakeside Court (Close to Dawson discount)
  • Blue Heron Way – by pool (Close to Dawson discount)
  • Spine Road & Lookout - Kings Soopers (Close to Dawson discount)
  • Niwot Road & 83rd  Street – Left Hand Grange Park (Close to Dawson discount)
  • Little Raven Trail & Legend Ridge Trail (Close to Dawson discount)
  • East Longs Peak Avenue & Alpine Street
  • 17th Avenue & Cook Street
  • Kennedy Drive & North 75th Street
  • Kristy Court & Tenacity Drive – Prospect (Close to Dawson discount)
  • South Rock Creek Parkway & Coalton Road (Safeway)
  • Paragon Drive & Empire Drive
  • 785 East South Boulder Road – (Alfalfa’s Market)
  • Legacy Ridge Open Space Parking Lot (North of 104th)
  • 11265 Decatur Street
  • Lowell Boulevard & 144th Avenue
  • Erie Community Center (Close to Dawson discount)