Five-Week Thematic Session June 6-July 6, 2018

How to Apply

For Summer 2018, our theme is Information: Possibilities & Pitfalls. Scholars will have the opportunity to examine the distribution of information in the digital age, both in terms of the opportunities it offers and the challenges it presents. Topics which ultimately affect our perception, economy, and political life include the exploration of personal security, artificial intelligence, marketing, and "fake news."

Experts in these diverse fields will cast light on the current and future directions of how we access and process the massive amount of information that is sure to impact humans, human connectivity, and our daily lives. Scholars will then be provided resources and an environment where they can combine their creativity, skills, and passion to explore possibilities for the future.


Program Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Applications for 2018 Dawson Summer Initiative are now closed.
The following describes the DSI Application process; however, applications for 2018 are now closed,


There are three options for completing the Dawson Summer Initiative (DSI) application:
1) You may download and print the PDF at right
2) You may complete and submit the application online as outlined below 
3) You may request a hard copy by emailing DSI Director Lisa Michael at


A complete application requires the following components (links to each provided in menu at left):

Parent/Guardian Information Form

Parent/Guardian Contract
* Confirmation of Understanding and Confidentiality Statement
* Parent Responses (two questions)

Student Essays (three questions)

TWO Teacher Recommendations (current math, science, English, social studies)

Principal/Guidance Counselor Recommendation (includes complete school record: transcript, attendance, conduct, and PARCC information)

Online: If the application is completed online, you will find links to the various components listed in the menu at left. For the Recommendations, you may direct a teacher and counselor/principal to the site, or to the link itself. If completed online, these Recommendations will be submitted directly by the school to Dawson Summer Initiative.

You may contact DSI if you would like to check the status of your child's application.
* Applications for Dawson Summer Initiative 2018 will be accepted through Monday, February 5, 2018. 

* Please note: All applications will be read at the same time; this is NOT a first-come, first-served process.

* We will notify you when the application is complete.

* Applicants will be notified about admission decisions by Thursday, March 8, 2018.

* Please ask your child's teachers, counselors, and principals to complete recommendations well in advance of the application deadline. A safe time frame would be at least three weeks in advance.
* We are only able to process applications received on or before February 5, 2018. Anything received after that deadline will not be able to be considered.

Please contact DSI with any questions:

Call us:  303-381-0444
Email us: