Annual Fund

Please make the Annual Fund your top philanthropic priority for the year. The Dawson Annual Fund supports all aspects of the student experience at Dawson today. By design, tuition only covers 85% of the cost of educating a Dawson student. The Annual Fund helps close the gap - and is 100% tax deductible.

Annual Fund First

The student-teacher relationship is integral to Dawson and is one of the elements that sets our school apart from other educational choices. By focusing on relationships, we develop our students in an understanding of the unique talents, backgrounds, and experiences that all of us bring to the community.

The Dawson Annual Fund is also about making a difference. Dawson is a non-profit organization, and tuition is purposely set below the actual cost of a Dawson education to keep tuition within reach of as many families as possible, while also providing a variety of dynamic programs. Your participation in the Dawson Annual Fund allows us to support all aspects of the student experience and make a qualitative difference in their education.

You make it possible through your support of the Annual Fund.

Matching Gifts

Your employer may offer a matching gift benefit, in which your donation to the Dawson Annual Fund may be doubled or tripled by your company’s additional contribution. This is a wonderful way to increase the impact of your gift and it is credited to your giving society membership. Ask your employer for information.

Annual Fund Background

The Annual Fund is the foundation of our fundraising efforts at Dawson. It supports all aspects of the student experience at Dawson, infusing each day with possibilities.

By design, tuition only covers 85 percent of the cost of educating a Dawson student: the Dawson Annual Fund helps make up the difference between the actual costs of educating each student and the tuition charged. Without it, Dawson would be a very different place. Alumni, trustees, parents, parents of alumni, grandparents and faculty and staff are all invited to participate in the Annual Fund. All gifts to the Annual Fund are 100% tax deductible.

As you consider your support of the Annual Fund, we hope you will recognize the difference in the cost of a Dawson education and the value of a Dawson education.

Current Status

$ Raised
Goal: $475,000 
Actual: $500,385
Goal: $510,000
Actual: $565,000
Goal: $520,000
Actual: $560,019
Goal: $550,000
Actual: $460,978
Parent Participation % 73% 82% 74% 67%
Faculty/Staff Participation % 100% 99% 100% 100%