At Dawson, there are as many opportunities outside of the classroom as there are inside. Our relatively small school allows for genuine student participation in athletics, theater, and clubs and fosters a community that supports one another. Here you can rarely distinguish class rank, as freshmen and sophomores are as likely to earn a lead role on stage or in student government as they are a starting position on the field.

Town Council

When founded as the Colorado Junior Republic, town meetings were held for its “citizens,” who were not managed by a representative democracy but by a participatory one. Town Council ran town hall meetings, of which the entire school community attended.

Today, an elected executive committee provides leadership to grade representatives and an elected conduct committee. Under the guidance of a faculty advisor, they meet weekly to discuss issues, develop proposals relating to student life and school policies, and plan extracurricular activities that complement the school’s academic program. In grades 5-12, representatives are elected by their peers; in grade K-4, they are selected by faculty and representatives rotate to give as many students as possible an opportunity to participate.

Peer Leaders

In Upper School, this student-led mentoring initiative was created to mentor, nurture, and support the transition for ninth grade and new students into the Upper School through interpersonal relationships. In Middle School, eighth graders apply to serve, setting a tone of respect and inclusion throughout the division.


With 20+ clubs there are ample opportunities to pursue your passions outside of class. From archery to board games, multicultural activities to knitting, and environmental awareness to entrepreneurship, student-created options are offered every semester. In Middle School, the FIRST Lego League creates and competes, and Helping Hands Club spotlights community service and philanthropy.

Sample of Club Offerings

Ultimate Frisbee
Rocketry Club Competition Team
Gay/Straight Alliance
Helping Hands Club
River Watch
Math Counts
Chess & Games
Brilliant Books
Mustang Spirit

Town Council

Executive Council
President: Anya Chavez (‘21)
Vice President: Sydney Klau (‘21)
Treasurer: Angelina Sala ('21)
Secretary: Amit Sela ('21)

Senior Class Officers
President: Tommy Noonan ('21)
Vice President: Luke Orris ('21)

Junior Class Officers

President: Silas Gillett ('22)
Vice President: Olivia Yoon ('22)

Sophomore Class Officers

President: Nolan Silver ('23)
Vice President: Emma Berdou ('23)

Freshman Class Officers