Five-Week Thematic Session JUNE 7 - JULY 7, 2023


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Guest Speakers:

It was my honor to be a guest speaker at Dawson Summer Initiative this year. Being accustomed to presenting to state legislators and other community leaders, I was pleased to discover that the Dawson scholars were among the brightest, most engaged, and most gracious audiences it has ever been my privilege to experience. Their thoughtful participation also made it clear that I was speaking to future leaders who are determined and eager to use their intelligence and other talents for good -- and I wish them the best in those endeavors!
~Jaime Rall, Consultant to National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)
Your students are wonderful, so smart and enthusiastic, and I really appreciate that they took the time to prepare questions. (And the questions were very sophisticated!)
 ~Emily Parker, author, editor, and digital diplomacy advisor
…The kids had such great questions.  It was one of the most enjoyable speaking experiences I’ve ever had, and definitely the best book signing.
~Bob Henson, NCAR Meteorologist and author 
…The students were so well behaved and asked such interesting questions. Their questions illustrate the fact that they still are thinking for themselves and engaging with the world creatively. They still are asking and listening. They have not made up their minds regarding what they will believe, regardless of new information presented to them in the future. It was an uplifting experience for me. I am pleased to know the students enjoyed their field trips, too. It will remind me of a day that gave me hope.
~Melinda Marquis, Ph.D. ESRL Renewable Energy Program Manager NOAA/ESRL


We heard about Dawson Summer Initiative from friends whose daughter participated in the program several years ago. They highly recommended the program to us. What impressed us the most was how Dawson Summer Initiative intrigued their daughter's interest in science and helped cultivate her ability in independent research as well as collaboration with others.
~Louisville Middle School Parent
I can’t say enough about the quality of this experience. It was so impressive to see what these bright young people came up with in just five weeks; and helps me to feel better about all of the negativity pervading our world with regard to young people and the direction we’re supposedly headed… Although the media doesn’t spend much time celebrating kids like this, clearly there are some extraordinary young people who get it. They will become the leaders of tomorrow, and I take great comfort in that. I love that they investigated not only the technology itself; but the emotional, psychological, environmental, and potential economic impact of it.
~Monarch K-8 Parent
Our daughter was very sad when the five-week session came to an end. She had a fantastic experience, learned a lot, loved the trust and freedom provided by the teachers, and made some special friendships.
~Erie Middle School Parent
I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity and wanted to share with you that my son is all smiles when I pick him up:) He absolutely loves it all—the program, the staff, and the rest of the scholars. The lunch too:)
~Jeffco School District Parent
Our daughter has been so impressed by the speakers. The range of topics addressed within this year's theme is amazing! She loves it all: her teachers, new friends and such a great learning environment!
~Centennial Middle School parent
Our son had the most incredible experience, and we were blown away by the projects they completed for the Final Exhibition. Dawson is giving back in such a big way, and the proof was in the room yesterday that this generation has so much to offer the world.
~Erie Middle School Parent


Everything about the program–from the food to the teachers to the grounds–made me look forward to coming back every day. The staff was great; they always had energy and motivation to keep everything going. I got so much more out of it than I expected, not just new skills in movie-making and Photoshop, but I also gained new friends and more self-confidence.~Platt Middle School Student

The staff and students were awesome and it was the best summer ever. ~Westlake Middle School Student

When my mom first told me about Dawson Summer Initiative, I wasn’t particularly excited. I figured I would just hang out with friends at the local pool the whole summer. But I now know that if I hadn’t participated in Dawson Summer Initiative, I would have just walked circles around my house, bored numb. Dawson Summer Initiative was very educational, and I feel smarter already. I made many new friends (we didn’t just sit by the pool!). ~Casey Middle School Student 
I learned so much from this program, and I had tons of fun. ~Summit Middle School Student

I was not only able to become a better student and thinker, but also a better citizen. Through DSI, my awareness was raised about my own characteristics, such as my writing, as well as some issues facing the world today and how I have the power to solve them, if one small step at a time. I also made some great friends, who shared some of the same characteristics as me. Here, you are surrounded by a lot of very motivated and curious people who want to work with you to explore and question. You get to be yourself and learn about something you want to learn about. It was incredible to be able to do that. ~Westview Middle School Student

Dawson Summer Initiative 2015 will always be one of the best experiences I have had. I made many new friendships and learned so many new things. I have also expanded my knowledge on innovation, globalization, and transportation. Overall, this is an experience that I think any kind of student with the willingness to learn should have. ~Altona Middle School Student

It was a great program. I would recommend it to friends and I would want to do it again. ~Platt Middle School Student
Dawson Summer Initiative has been a very special and extraordinary opportunity for me. I have learned so much in the program and if I hadn't come, I wouldn't have made such amazing memories, learned new things, or made new friends. Not only did I learn about our topic, but I learned new skills in communication, leadership, and technology. I'm looking forward to returning next summer! ~Hulstrom K-8 School Student

I want to thank you for all things that I learned and all the new friends I met. It was one of the best ways I could spend my summer. ~Flagstaff Academy Student

It totally changed my life!~Centennial Middle School Student 

I don't really have anything else to say except that this was one of the best experiences of my life! ~Monarch K-8 School Student