Dawson Summer Initiative

Two-Week Leadership Session

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Call us:  303-381-0444
Email us:  lmichael@dawsonschool.org
The two-week Leadership Session is designed for scholars who successfully complete the previous summer’s five-week thematic session.
Working closely with their instructors and one another, scholars will foster an environment of cooperation; hone presentation and writing skills; and engage with leaders in the community.
Leadership groups explore the question: What makes you unique? Developing a leader's voice, sense of self, and a digital portfolio through introspection as well as improvisation and group challenges, scholars cultivate outstanding communication skills that enable their voices to be heard.

Each summer, scholars in the Leadership session create a "This I Believe" statement and present it to their peers. ("This I Believe" defines itself as an "international organization engaging people in writing and sharing essays describing the core values that guide their daily lives.") Here are some examples of recent presentations.