Tomorrow Starts Today


Dawson is so grateful to the great generosity of our families with their time, talent, and treasure that has allowed our school to thrive.

Capital Campaign Committee
Susan Borst
Lisa Albright
Erin Klau
Katharine Cappo, Director of Development
George Moore, Head of School
Carly Slagel, Engagement and Events Coordinator
Griselda Still, Director of Communications and Marketing

Development Committee
Susan Borst, Chair
Megan Dunleavy
Alex Schneider
Michelle Yano
Katharine Cappo, Director of Development
George P. Moore, Head of School
Carly Slagel, Engagement and Events Coordinator

Dawson School Board of Trustees
Kimberley Johnston, Chairman and Treasurer
W. Hunter Campbell, Vice Chair and General Counsel
Pearl Gallagher, Secretary
Susan Borst
Lisa Eyler
Michelle Johnson
Erin Klau
Robin Opie
A heartfelt thanks to our generous early donors
(as of January 2023)

($5 million and above)
Alexander Dawson Foundation
($2 million - $4,999,999)
BACCA Foundation
($1 million - $1,999,999)
The Eaton and Margaret Scripps Fund
($250,000 - $999,999)
Dan Howard and Tiffany Sewell-Howard
Faiz Kayyem and Paige Gates-Kayyem
Carlyn Taylor
($100,000 - $249,999)
Anonymous (2)
Tim and Susan Borst
Budacz Family Foundation
Justin Brooks Fisher Foundation
Michael and Kathryn Huwaldt
Michelle Lieber and David Sutton
Mark and Mauree Jane Perry
Eric and Melissa Roza
Richard Runyon
Jory and Tracy Twist
($50,000 - $99,999)
Anonymous (3)
Luke Clemente and Marianne Castano
Adam Edelman and Marcia Warren Edelman
John and Elizabeth Eyler
Phillips and Jennifer Geraghty
Carolyn Grant
Tim and Kay Hartrick
JASTEKA Foundation
Kevin and Erin Klau
Reuben and Mindy Munger
Robin and Jennifer Opie
Chris and Beth Petersen
BJ and Heather Schaknowski
Mike and Kristie Shehan
The Simms Family Foundation in Honor of Huze Family
Nathan and Dana Thompson and Family
Steve and Kelli Walden

($25,000 - $49,999)
Anonymous (2)
Renee Adams
Lisa Albright
David and Mina Amin
Jeffrey and Sarah Amirani
Aray-Oliver-Hatfield Family
Will Ayer '03
James and Elissa Beard
Brigham and Pamela Bell
Brent and Lynn Bickel
The Biffle Family
The Family of Ryan Bishop
Doug and Abby Brown
Hunter Campbell and Vanessa Vanegas
Mrs. Robert Castano in Honor of Mr. Robert Castano
Greg and Staci Collins
Timothy and Katie Connor
Joseph M. Demmler
Alec Driscoll and Pearl Gallagher
Ken and Sally Dulin
Luke Düster and Shannon Costello Düster
Jeffrey and Kirsten Eldridge
Jorge and Maureen Espinoza
Alden Faulkner
Don and Reagan Giffels
Kirstin Gillespie
Alex Gury '97
Oswald and Jeanne Gutsche
Mark Guzzi and Mary-Elizabeth Callaway
Benjamin and Jessie Harris
Elizabeth Henna and Tim Commons
Audrey Hillman Fisher Foundation
Jeffrey and Michelle Johnson
Kevin and Kim Johnston
Jurika Family Trust
Earl Kaplan
Rick and Molly Klau
Jeff and Shannon Knobel
Kyle and Christy Kolb
L & M Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Christa and Timothy Mayer
George Moore
Andrew and Becky Morley
John and Sally Morley Family Foundation
Michael and Julie Mullin
Nancy Printz and Eric Blank
Thomas and Stacey Ray
John and Kirsten Ridilla
Carlos and Tina Sala
Edward and Virginia Sanden
Bob and Alex Schneider
Bo and Trish Sharon
Dan and Hettie Sullivan
Kay Tolchin, Tom DeMarchi, and Charles DeMarchi
John and Kathryn Welsh
($10,000 - $24,999)
David and Holly Brown
Jeff Brown and Catherine Hagney Brown
Fabio Hees and Anna Paula Góes Hees
Gary and Sharon Koenig
ACE McCullick
Michael Schonbrun and Susan Juroe
Maziar and Susy Shams
Clint and Chrystina Tasset
($5,000 - $9,999)
Demetri and Kimberly Coupounas
Donohue Family Foundation
Midge Korczak
Jon '91 and Cari Krueger
John D. O'Brien
($2,500 - $4,999)
Ryan Chubb '00
Keith and Karen Donohue
($1,000 - $2,499)
Paul and Macki Ellenbogen
Mark and Sarah Higgins
Jarrod Krug and Beth Marbach
Becky Roser
Robert Sarvis and Julie Gionet
Farrow and Grace Smith
Patrick and Michelle Wolf
(up to $999)
Jesse and Liza Aratow
Jeff Walcher and Natalie Baker
Jeff Ellenbogen and Eva Teague