Dawson's alumni and development programs are only successful with the help of our countless volunteers. If you would like to volunteer for any of the alumni programs listed below in Boulder County or in your home city, please contact the Development office at Dawson!

Alumni Guest Faculty/Speaker
Come back to campus and be a guest speaker in a class related to your professional field.

Dawson's Alumni Council
The Alumni Council connects alumni to each other and to the school. Alumni volunteers from different classes and geographical areas promote that connection both on campus and around the country. They also share the alumni perspective with the administration and the Board of Trustees with the hope of advancing Dawson's mission. Meetings are held quarterly and there is a remote option for participating.

Class Representatives
Class reps have one important job: CONNECT. Keep class spirit alive through calls, emails, social networking, thank you notes and/or class notes; send an annual letter to classmates; actively seek to find lost alumni/ae, and capture email addresses for all classmates. Coordinate class involvement with alumni events.

Alumni Admissions Volunteers
If you know of someone considering a Colorado independent school, keep Dawson in mind! If you want to work with the Admissions Office, you may be asked to attend a school fair near you or to interview prospective students and families who cannot make it to campus for a visit. You may also be asked to call student candidates in your geographical area or who share one of your interests.

Alumni Week of Giving / Class Agents
Reach out to fellow alumni and encourage them to participate in the Alumni Week of Giving.  Make your own contribution (remember, the amount does not matter) and then use social media, emails, phone calls, and old-fashioned letters to get as many alumni as you can to participate.


Welcome, Dawson alumni! If you spent some of your school days at Dawson, you will always be part of our community. Visit this page to see updates on classmates, read about upcoming alumni events, and stay connected with your alma mater.

Special note on Class Activities and Reunions!
A successful reunion requires the efforts of many class volunteers. We are always excited to get mixed-class or class-specific groups together, on campus or off. Want to get involved? Contact Dawson's Development Office!

Alumni Events, Visits


There are so many, but Winterim trips really stand out: sledding at Chautauqua with Mr. Meyers in 6th grade, mountain biking in Moab in 8th grade, paddling Labyrinth Canyon with Mr. Lord in 10th grade, and getting my butt kicked on a hut trip with Mr. Lee and Frau! All those trips created new relationships and friendships in my life, allowed me to see my teachers as real, passionate people, taught me new life skills, and connected me to nature and myself.  - Cathy Fink, '98

2007 Dawson Italy trip was one of the best experiences of my life!  - John Borst, '08

Some of the best memories I have of Dawson have to be our class trips before the beginning of school and Winterim. Ever since the 6th grade, I was exposed to the various wonders of our state and the desire to explore the world! This was a time that I got to know my classmates outside the classroom setting and learned more about who they are as individuals.   Jacqueline Juarez, '12
The Dawson Alumni office would love to hear from you!
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