Bahamas Winterim

Day 2
After spending the morning researching the Bahamas and learning about community ecology, the Bahamas marine biology group went to the Lafayette Rec Center to practice our snorkeling and test our equipment.

Day 3
We made it safely to the Bahamas and are spending the night in Nassau.  We fly to Eleuthera island and the island school tomorrow, but tonight is pizza by the pool.

Day 4
The Dawson Bahamas trip started our morning with a bracing swim from the beach outside our dorm to a small wreck that has become a substrate for a coral community.  Then we waded and floated in a mangrove swamp, learning about this critical and threatened habitat and its unique features.  This afternoon we took a boat ride to a sandbar, which is a magical place.  We collected shells and sand dollars and learned about ooid formation deep in.