How do you craft a well-rounded education? With clay? Through watercolors? In three-part harmony? Yes, yes, and yes. The Dawson arts program gives exceptional depth and richness to our students’ learning experience, and is a priority within our educational program. They gain self-discipline, strengthen their powers of observation, learn self-reflection, and discover the countless thrills of culture. Ours arts center contains a full theater, seven performing and visual arts studios – and plenty of activity. Beginning in kindergarten, our students work with more than 20 different media each year. In Middle School, they are exposed to an array of arts electives including ceramics, photography, and woodworking. From kindergarten through eighth grade, each class performs at least one play per year. Upper School features choirs, instrumental ensembles, dance, and improv troupes. Upper School students put on two major theater productions per year, as well as cabaret performances. There’s really no limit to the ways students can experience – and benefit from – the arts at Dawson.