Tuition and Aid

The Clarity Financial Aid application for tuition assistance is now open. Use code 1970. Click here.

Annual Tuition

Tuition at Dawson covers all basic educational expenses, including instruction, arts, athletics, physical education, field trips, class trips, lunches, and after-school care for lower school Students.

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  • $28,560

  • $32,270

  • $35,555


Other Expenses


In our Middle and Upper Schools, families are responsible for the cost of books.

Middle School is approximately $350 per year.
Upper School is approximately $500 per year.

Middle School provides students with a laptop, which requires a one-time $150 insurance fee.


Fees for the Mustang Express, Dawson’s bus program.

Annual Bus Pass $1,525
Sibling Bus Pass $1,200
Close to Dawson Bus Pass $1,200
One-Way Bus Pass $1.050
Punch Card (max 10 cards) $60


Winterim Trip

Our annual Winterim program is an additional cost based on the trip selected. Approximate costs are listed below.

Local Trip < $1,000
Domestic Trip $1,000 - $3,000
International Trip > $3,500


Tuition Assistance

Dawson partners with Clarity Financial Aid. Families can apply for financial assistance starting mid-November directly through Clarity's financial aid platform. After completing the application, Dawson’s Tuition Assistance Committee reviews all applications. A family’s financial need is based on Clarity's computations, applicable documentation, and the Tuition Assistance Committee’s guidelines. 

Dawson's Tuition Assistance program creates opportunities for students from various economic backgrounds to experience the value of a Dawson education. The Tuition Assistance program is a need-based program. Dawson does not offer merit or athletic scholarships.

The tuition assistance application process is separate from the admissions process, and the need for assistance is not a factor in the admissions review and decision. If you will require financial assistance to attend, please complete your financial and school application in parallel.

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  • Families can begin the Clarity application process beginning in November. Most applications are completed by the end of January once all relevant documents have been uploaded and audited by Clarity..

  • Clarity's application will request relevant financial documents such as Tax Returns, W2s, 1099s, pay stubs, and other relevant financial records. It's advantageous for families to file income taxes as soon as possible after receiving annual W2s

  • Once a family‚Äôs application is completed by Clarity and all forms have been submitted and audited, the Dawson Tuition Assistance Committee reviews and allocate awards.

  • Dawson begins processing and allocating new tuition assistance applications in February and will allocate tuition assistance until the budget is exhausted. As such, available funds decrease over time.