The college admissions process is demanding—asking students to reflect on who they are and who they want to be, to capture their best selves in a short application, to risk rejection, to manage a complex project, and, ultimately, to make an important decision about how they will spend their time and resources over the next four years. It is also an exciting opportunity to grow in meaningful ways. The Dawson College Counseling team loves supporting our students and their families through this unique time.

Our approach to the college admissions process is individualized and personal. We take time to get to know each student and their concerns, priorities, and goals, and we work to help them achieve their goals.

At each stage of the process, students and their families receive information appropriate for that year. Families can meet with a college counselor at any point. We provide support when it comes to course selection, planning for extracurriculars and summer, and preparing for standardized tests. We lead college tours as a part of our Winterim program and host college representatives on campus each fall. Juniors and seniors participate in a college counseling class each week.

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Meet the Team

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  • Photo of Stefanie  Esposito

    Stefanie  Esposito 

    Northwestern University - B.A.
    Northwestern University - M.S.
  • Photo of David Slater

    Dr. David Slater 

    Associate Director of College Counseling / US English
    Wayne State University - B.A.
    University of Minnesota - M.A.
    University of Minnesota - Ph.D.
  • Photo of Denise Alt

    Denise Alt 

    University of Phoenix - B.S.

Dawson CEEB Code: 060867

Dawson School Profile

  • Dawson School Profile 2021
    Overview and highlights of Dawson's program, Upper School curriculum and graduation requirements, recent college acceptance and matriculation.

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