Physical education combines fitness, skill and concept development, and sportsmanship. Teachers work with students to set goals; while developing and maintaining individual fitness levels.

Growing, enhancing, and understanding movement competency is critical for each student. Responsible and respectful personal and social behaviors in a physically active setting are essential.

PE as a class is offered almost daily to grades K-5, underscoring its importance to students' health, social-emotional well-being, and academic success. In addition, PE teachers educate about healthy life choices such as a balanced diet, using tools including the Lower School Learning Garden. Regular recess periods on a dedicated Lower School playground also help active young learners make the most of their time at Dawson.

Students also teach each other about physical health: During the year, fourth graders may visit grades K-3 at the start of the day to lead them in exercises. Here is a sample of videos where fourth-graders demonstrate exercise techniques.