Bahamas Winterim

We don’t have a lot of pictures from today because we were so busy getting wet that we didn’t have cameras! Instead, we started today with an island school tradition: the run-swim. Each Dawson student was paired with a student from Massachusetts’ Nobles-Milton School. Then we completed an obstacle course of running, swimming, wall-climb, cliff jumps, and other tasks (silly and severe), chanting “Mustangs! Bulldogs!” and generally cheering each other on.  
Then we went on two boat scuba dives/snorkels. Both were wonderful, but the second one was extra special. Thanks to a grant from the Pollachek family, we were able to visit a reef full of Caribbean reef sharks, a thrilling dive/snorkel none of us will forget. This dive was dedicated to Ari Pollachek, who loved science, the ocean, and scuba. We are so grateful to the Pollacheks and the Island School staff who planned the special occasion.
We ended the day with a Bahamian feast at a local restaurant.