Where Does Your Food Come From? Winterim

Days 5 & 6
Tuesday saw our group head over to Jack's Solar Garden in Longmont.  There we learned about agrivoltaics, the co-location of agriculture, and solar energy infrastructure.  We also learned that Jack's is the USA's largest commercially active research site for agrivoltaics.  After a hearty lunch at The Roost in downtown Longmont, we returned to campus to continue working on our Dawson Garden.
On Wednesday, we returned to Fort Collins, where we toured the Nutrien Agricultural Sciences Building on the campus of Colorado State University.  We then headed to Morning Fresh Dairy farm, where Noosa yogurt is produced.  We learned about the farm's history and saw the cows getting milked on the cow-carousel.  We then got to pet baby cows before enjoying samples of Noosa yogurt and the fresh milk produced at the farm.